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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 06/10/06

Galaxy on Fire

Developer: Fishlabs

G.O.F. Galaxy on Fire takes the player right into an interplanetary battle introducing 10 different species like humanoids, aliens, cyborgs and many others. Its epic space battles with over 20 different kinds of spaceships offer varied and fast action for exciting entertainment combined with an interplanetary commerce Simulation with goods of all kinds between 500 planets and space stations for long term fun.

- Stunning 3D graphics
- Over 500 destinations
- Epic battles in the depth of space
- Complex trading and upgrade system

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 95%

Anannya Sen:

Could this be the best mobile game of 2006?


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Where's all the good stuff?

I'm in the lowest right corner of the map and I have done tons of missions but I can't find any decent equipment! I have ond million credits but nothing to spend them on...
I have the wraith with helios thermo cannons, some twin seeker missiles and the titan shield and wherever I go the best thing they sell is that 300 armor 10 cargo alien fighter and rubbish equipment but 10 cargo sucks so I'm keep the wraith.
Where are the better ships and weapons??

Mr. T, 02/10/10 23:59


what are all the cheats for GalaxyOnFire 1?
please please help!

Anon, 02/10/10 17:22

Finished game without any cheats..

Hi guys atlast i got d cracked version of dis game nd i completed it by playin for almost 35hrs.. Now 'm playin as a mercenary.. Havin veteren ships wit 12 equips nd over 10 million credits too..

Winnie, 31/5/10 10:54

map available?

Anyone know a map where you can see which weapon you can buy at which planet?



CB, 29/3/10 20:10

i'am complete this game

i'am complete this game

i'am complete this game, 17/3/10 19:01



Anon, 27/2/10 07:05

how to finish a mission show only "I'm on my way to."

I'm stuck at the scientist saving part!!!Anyway, it is a piece of cake to earn money, I have 2 tyrfing blaster witch cost 40k+ each , A hernstein, and a L'ksaar turret whitch cost 155k+.

Anon, 30/11/09 03:38


а чё, прикольная игруха!!!

Anon, 27/5/09 17:49

Level 13 crashed on N6300

Anyone know how to fix this bug,, at level 13 my ship crashed at the start of mission,, it's like stuck on the collition.

Fandi, 25/5/09 06:17

i am stuck

i am stuck on glaxy "i am on my to" i have almost finished still no voids

nama, 19/5/09 08:20

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