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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 06/10/06

Galaxy on Fire

Developer: Fishlabs

G.O.F. Galaxy on Fire takes the player right into an interplanetary battle introducing 10 different species like humanoids, aliens, cyborgs and many others. Its epic space battles with over 20 different kinds of spaceships offer varied and fast action for exciting entertainment combined with an interplanetary commerce Simulation with goods of all kinds between 500 planets and space stations for long term fun.

- Stunning 3D graphics
- Over 500 destinations
- Epic battles in the depth of space
- Complex trading and upgrade system

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 95%

Anannya Sen:

Could this be the best mobile game of 2006?


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just kill

just kill all in easy mode :-)

nylos, 06/5/09 08:30

Mission 9


I am also stuck here! Anyone has any idea or tips how to get through this? I have tried
i) going after all the enemies
ii) staying with the freighters
Both result in the freighters being destroyed. I don't get killed though.

lowprofile, 06/5/09 04:35

If you are stuck

when you are stuck go to options menu and set difficulty to 0 ;-)

Nylos, 05/5/09 12:01

Mission 4( I think)

Im stuck on one of the very first missions. Its the one where you, that one blue-haired chick, and the guy who doesnt know how to switch to the private radio channel, attack the convoy of ships. I always die and cant get past that level. HELP ME!

Nightrise, 25/4/09 22:09

By the way...

The comment i put below is for Galaxy on Fire 2 onli sorry....

Anon, 23/4/09 14:11

You are silly noobs!!

It`s very easy game!!!!i completed all missions for about 1 hour!

Andre From Russia, 23/4/09 10:25

Mission 7

Some one help

Nachos, 11/4/09 13:15

Mission 9

How do I get past mission 9? I have an icarus and onyx lasers with a the basic shield. There is no way to fight all the ships and keep the freighters alive.

Anon, 11/4/09 03:04

Hey hardcore gamer

What is the best generator?

Some dude, 08/4/09 19:15

Recommended Combination

Ha, this game rocks... until you finish story mode... which I have done.

The best ships and weapons are:
Cargo Hold 50
Hull 400
Low manuverability

Damage 28
F.F 280ms

Damage 22
F.F 200ms

Photon Cannon:
Damage 80
F.F 1000ms

Thermo Blaster:
Damage 20
F.F 200ms or lesser

Damage 198
F.F 7000ms

Hardcore Gamer, 07/4/09 09:56

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