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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/12/06

Lemmings Return

Developer: Glu

The green haired lovable Lemmings have returned and are looking for further trouble! Try to rescue thousands more of the clueless critters in levels never before seen on mobile. Save 'em from gaping chasm, roaring furnaces and swirling rivers as they wander mindlessly towards their peril. Keep those Lemmings floating, mining, bridge building and digging- anything to keep them busy- and alive! You've got to think fast and move faster than ever before!

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 87%

Costas Stephanides:

The little green men are back with more suicidal tendencies.


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level 10

does anyone know how to beat this level, I cant do it please help!!!

dean, 30/5/12 19:12

level 5 tricky on pog online

need some help

Anon, 14/9/11 22:14

lvl 10 fun

can some tell me how to complete it, i just cant figure it out. thanks

Anon, 19/1/11 23:36

lvl 10

it's impossible!what is the solution?

Everlost, 29/7/10 13:14

Llv 10 fun

i cant get it done

hfrhdfh, 24/7/10 22:14

lv 27

i can not get thru... even if i explode all of the in the same spot, i can not make a hole... any suggestions?!? please...

theN, 02/7/10 13:23

lv 20 solutino

in lv 20 lock the first lemming and tha make him fall as deep as you can in holes at the end of the net (with horizontal dig). you must pause a lot couse every time u dig, new lemming will be first in the row. so whe you come to the white spider net try to dig in in before all lemmings turn away.when you are in the white net you can make a hole whit exploding the lemming or digging but u must have some luck because they could go in wrong direction. i hope it helps

theN, 02/7/10 13:22

Level 20'

I need help, i try try try .... can't reach the goal...

Pamy Damasio, 18/5/10 17:35

level 20 ga!

how do you pass said the spider to the lemming? its hard!

aaron, 12/2/10 00:59

Level 18 - compression

Similar to level 27, you need to explode two lemmings beneath each other taking you lower and then bash through to the right. 90% of the lemmings should then get home as they will survive the drop.

David, 06/2/09 16:39
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