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Genre: Adventure :: Players: 1 :: Released: 14/1/08


Publisher: In-Fusio :: Developer: In-Fusio

In this exciting and horrifying adventure, you play John... or is it Lucas (it turns out things aren’t that clear). You must avoid the strange creatures that inhabit this world, hide in the shadows and only kill when it’s absolutely necessary! Your mission: survive first, ask questions later!

Game Key Points
- Unusual and unique genre on mobile: Survival horror
- Clever mix of adventure, logic and fighting gameplays
- Intense scenario featuring numerous and breathtaking twists and turns

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 82%

Anannya Sen:

Is this the next Darkest Fear?


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One of the most horrifying games ever made Nowhere. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

w3w, 18/7/16 06:24


If you manage to end this game then you have an opportunity to use your pistol/shotgun all through out. I prefer using shotgun as my weapon to kill zombies and bosses 'coz it is much stronger&powerful than pistol.


Jay, 18/9/12 11:02

How to find the woodcutter

Pls after reading the note left on michaels body,i was told to find wood cutter,have searched all over but nothing,please help me cause am stuck.actually it 36%

Diana rock, 22/4/12 10:04

how to finish the game

To finish Nowhere, from the start, save all your bullets and health packs. Use the axe to attack and the plants to replenish health. To defeat snail, equip shotgun and health pack. Keep firing and reloading (your health will automatically replenish). In Cicada mode, first get to woodcutters hut the use the right to go close to where you see the two girls, pass there to the bar, from the bar to Emily's room. To defeat Emily, use the same way you defeated snail only this time try to avoid the green fireballs by moving and shoot her every chance you get. Finally, you'd have to choose between Emily and Catherine. And voila, its over. Have fun!

benjohn, 17/1/12 15:06

help 72%

killed that face in swamp but what to do now? Or where to go?

Vedant, 04/10/11 08:27


How do i get to the cicada bug part? Im in the room where Catherine is in a different form. I'm stuck!

MoonStar, 12/8/11 21:17

game finished

hi guys......
i m finish nowhere game today excellent game i play.............

murali, 11/8/11 16:20

Stuck at 80 percent

I m at woodcutters hut with the bug i my trying to go to lilacs but i m missed by a second is there anyother options to icrease time or any checkpoint to save the game pls anyone help me to where i go after tat woodcutter hut ????

Murali, 08/8/11 06:02

Michael's body

To find the body, go through door 4, follow path and you have to pass the wire fence with the man/plant inside, kill the zombie in front of it. You should go through the door next to it on the left (Above the door should be 2 cant reach them).

Once you're through the door/room (the two characters should be behind the fence), go left to the next screen and you should be on the main road. Keeping going left for a few steps, and Michaels body should be there. He's wearing a blue top.

ANJI_23, 18/7/11 20:40


I came all the way though but I didn't see the body. Could you please tell me where should I look for it?

Belieber, 18/7/11 14:15
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