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Genre: Sim :: Players: 1 :: Released: 07/7/08

Theme Park Tycoon

Put your creativity to the test in Theme Park Tycoon and see if you can build 43 different rides, facilities, and restaurants in your own unique theme park in real time. Use the different combinations to create real themes. Listen to your visitors' comments and prove your management skills in the intensive design simulation. You will have really push yourself to earn the title of "Tycoon"!

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how to do mission 6?

anon, 24/9/08 17:12


help! im stuck on mission 2 lol wer to rafting development????

yoyoyo, 23/9/08 22:34

mission 10

help, i seem to b stuck on mission 10.. where u have to buy things 4 convient faciltys.. i jus dont get it

amber, 15/9/08 19:44

Mission 15

Ok so got past mission 13 after a while!
Now cant get passed mission 15 0 the last.
Ive built everything i need to but nothings happing... any ideas? its bugging me!
Also i done the secret mission thingy the last person said to do and nothing happened

Zoe, 02/9/08 20:15

the last mission

the last mission (mission 15) add all 3 of the last rides to make an awsome secret theme called umm (space quest) hope i helped

michael, 30/8/08 00:20

mission 12

Use the item that add durability. I forgot what it was. Anyway, buy the one that if you add with the current one will equals to 330. Use the item to the space wing. You can buy the item of course =.=

Christ, 29/8/08 14:31

mission 12

Im stuck on mission 12 - durability of space wing at 330! any help??



Zoe, 28/8/08 15:01


During 'durability of a ride' mission,eg 300 durability of funny the ride,check the durability info of that ride e.g 220, buy the 'beam support thingy +90 durability' (or was it the paint?) and go to 'my item' and attach it to funny plane. So..220 + 90= 310,mission clear

Anon, 26/8/08 22:18

Until when

How much more will the mission continue until we finish the game? Anyone? And can we finish the game without figuring all the theme available?

Christ, 24/8/08 15:25

you need to

service life, you need to buy some paint or something for your ride

Anon, 24/8/08 04:05

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