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Genre: 3D, Action, Turn based strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 15/1/09

Wolfenstein RPG

Developer: EA Mobile

Save the world in Wolfenstein RPG! Walk in the combat boots of Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz, prisoner of the ruthless Axis Army. Battle through 9 challenging levels to complete your mission and take down the Axis' diabolical Paranormal Division.

Use strategy and a wide array of conventional and mysterious weapons to defeat super soldiers, zombies and the shadowy Harbinger. Discover books and syringes full of special powers. Enter the mysterious 3D world of Wolfenstein RPG... if you dare.

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, Bus/Tube Friendly, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 83%

Costas Stephanides:

Die hybrid zombie mutant scum


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Shaun Michael, 06/10/15 09:37

To people who have rpoblem with Loki loot

Use the lever that is in of some kind of hallway. It will make water rise up and bring up a health pack nad a defense syringe

Anon, 23/11/12 20:59

Beat the final boss

Here is how i beat the final boss (the level Harbringer)

1) climb up stairs with anti-fire and defense syringes active. Keep an eye on health and those syringes. Make your way to a corner so the boss doesnt keep knocking i back. Use the telsa gun followed by a hit with the spear. This will go on til cutscene where he brings out 4 floating bad guys.

2) as soon as that cut scene ends, turn around and head down stairs. Might need to use defense syringe amd health packs. Once you get down to the hallway, you can pick off bad guys one by one, but not the boss, yet. Once the bad guys are killed, heal up, use defense and anti fire syringes and head back up stairs to boss. I saved before heading up stairs.

3) make your way over the the blood fountain where boss replenishes health. You need to stand on the fountain facing the stairs with the boss directly in front. Once there, use health packs, enrage, anti fire and defense syringes. While buffed, just continue to use telse then spear. Keep an eye on your health and the buffs. Use syringes as needed. Eventually you get one more cutscene then you beat him.

Hope this helps! The key is to make sure he cant use health fountain after you defeat his 4 bad guys i mentioned in part 2.

Al, 26/9/12 03:36


How do you beat Loki? I know it has to do with the barrels, but he kicks my ass before I have an oportunity to do it. That or the chickens are in the way.

Anon, 24/6/10 14:44

All loot in Harbinger level

Does anyone know where all the loot is on Harbinger level? Always 1 short (101 of 102). I think it might be in crate hanging in cage with secret passage, but game goes to cut scene and crate gets blown up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Anon, 11/5/10 02:55

How to open the cheat menu.

The comment below is mine also.

But, to open the cheat menu in iPod Touch + iPhones, go to the main menu, and touch the Top Left of the screen then the Top Right Then the Bottom Left then the Bottom Right then the Bottom Left and finally the Bottom Left.

In this order.

'Top Right' 'Top Left' 'Bottom Left'
'Bottom Right''Bottom Left' 'Bottom Right'

IHaveCheatMenu, 09/4/10 20:17

How to beat Marianna

This is how to beat Marianna.

What you need: Dynamite, Flame Thrower, Brass Knuckles, Sniper, Agility Syringe and any other syringe that would help you.

First, Before you fall through the crack, use one of each of every syring you have.

Second, Fall down and then get your flame thrower out. Kill any enemy's that came at you. Note, stay still the whole round.

Third, after you've eliminated every enemy except Marianna, stick her with dynamite.

Fourth, sniper her twice with the automatic sniper.

Fifth after she makes everyone enter the room, sniper her again twice, the dynamite should go off and kill her.

Marianna - Win, 06/4/10 23:37


@Crates @ LOKi
I tink u are going to kick a red bom thingy to the fire , it will blow it up and the crates will drop.U will juz find chiken in it i tink , hope that helps :)

JJ, 26/3/10 04:32
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