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Genre: 3D, Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 11/3/09

Galaxy on Fire 2

Developer: Fishlabs

Galaxy On Fire™ 2 – the ultimate sci-fi adventure with spectacular action, compelling story and a free gameplay unparalled in depth and complexity!

* Huge galaxy with dozens of solar systems with unique planets and space stations in 3D
* Action-packed battles featuring various primary and secondary weapons and stunning explosions
* Ore mining in hazardous dynamic asteroid fields
* 3D map to navigate through solar systems and jump gates to travel fast through the whole galaxy
* Dozens of space ships with plenty of weapons and gadgets to upgrade as well as free trading and production of goods of any kind
* Space lounges to meet streetwise business people, extraordinary aliens and shady clients with lucrative missions

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 95%

Anannya Sen:

Keith T Maxwell is back!!


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wonderful mobilegamefaqs

Nice game share. Thanks for share with us that kind game... Sewa Mobil Surabaya

jose, 24/5/16 10:58


Combine studies and discussion make student life charming and complete and it polish many cheap resume services capabilities of student and make them confident. Student life is full of discipline but fun is also important part of it.

Wilson, 01/8/15 08:09


Where do you Find the void crystal essence? Anyone know

Tray, 06/8/12 02:21

bug:fast reload cloak

first use the cloak to shadow image plane is gone, (do not get out). and press the button again and the plane back to see her robe. but behold if successfully, the cloak will come back fully again!. Good luck!

VoidX, 21/6/12 04:02



shahab, 04/3/12 18:19

Sorry to be a noob but can anybody tell me where to find the void crystal thingys

I've gone through the worm hole and killed load of ship
But I can seem to find any cristals

Can anybody help

Robin, 17/1/11 07:33

Question Withdrawn

I take it back I found it.

Anon, 12/12/10 22:54


Okay so I have all the blueprints best type of four classes of primary weapons (no secondary didnt use them so didn't buy them) all the best equipment and an aegir. Where do I find a mantis?

Anon, 11/12/10 17:10

GOF2 Max firepower

Have got to level 15. Flying a Mantis starship, toting primary weps: MaxHeat020, Turfing Blaster, M6 A3 "Wolverine", & Berger Focus II A1; secondary weps: include Intelli Jet rockets & AMR Extinctors, Equipment: Yin Co.Shadow Ninja cloak, Mp'zzzm Thrust, Gunant's Drill & Fluxed matter Shield. No new missions appearing, Carla remains out of reach. Has anyone found a higher purpose? May actually have to get a life again and stop playing unless there's another level... Don't let me down Fish Lab

Vossk 1, 09/12/10 19:04


I got 2x tyrfing blaster n 2x gram blaster on my nuyang 2. R there a more deadly primary weapon combinations on nuyang 2?

Keith t maxwell, 08/12/10 12:36

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