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Genre: 3D, Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 11/3/09

Galaxy on Fire 2

Developer: Fishlabs

Galaxy On Fire™ 2 – the ultimate sci-fi adventure with spectacular action, compelling story and a free gameplay unparalled in depth and complexity!

* Huge galaxy with dozens of solar systems with unique planets and space stations in 3D
* Action-packed battles featuring various primary and secondary weapons and stunning explosions
* Ore mining in hazardous dynamic asteroid fields
* 3D map to navigate through solar systems and jump gates to travel fast through the whole galaxy
* Dozens of space ships with plenty of weapons and gadgets to upgrade as well as free trading and production of goods of any kind
* Space lounges to meet streetwise business people, extraordinary aliens and shady clients with lucrative missions

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 95%

Anannya Sen:

Keith T Maxwell is back!!


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Its so hard to earn money
I have only 38000

Anon, 21/11/10 03:10


When I finis 2nd mission... I cant go to hangar...
I use Nokia C3..

Anon, 05/11/10 04:07

help fr u

go to :)

haha, 25/8/10 09:33

the end

what do you think about cheat ? ? ? ? ? ?

maya, 23/8/10 04:02


noriu zaisti si zaidima

dovildas, 06/8/10 12:39

just 130 station visite

where i can fine another system? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

vethor, 25/5/10 16:50



b.akhil reddy, 12/5/10 06:35


I have full cracked russian version. Im flying mantis (4m) and i have another 3m at bank. Ive been playing for 14 hours

Roby4, 03/1/10 20:05


ppl with the problem of "im on my way to" you have the illegal version of the game soz guys thats the end of the story for you.

To get EASY money (6million in 2 hours) just buy ALL vossk organs you find and sell them in the space room (if they want to buy sumfing else click cancel ON FIRST SCREEN and den ask again until they ask


Anon, 29/12/09 00:16

Mission story

when its says im on my way to . thats means that the demo is over . you guys need to download the cracked or buy the game .

link, 20/7/09 22:20

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