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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fun, Platform :: Players: 1 :: Released: 12/3/09

Bounce On (iPhone)

Publisher: Team Phobic ::

Bounce On is on sale! Get the action platformer everyone's been talking about for 50% off until World 3 is released (which has been submitted and is pending approval).

World 3 and future additions will be released as free updates.

Get your Bounce On! Team Phobic presents Bounce On, a new side scrolling platform game in the vein of Sonic and Mario.

After falling from a familiar pocket, roll and bounce your way through over 30 levels on your adventure home. Keep your eyes out for priceless gems, adorable enemies, and amazing power-ups you'll encounter on your journey.

The achievement system provides challenging gameplay for beginners and pros alike, giving hours of fun for all skill levels.

New worlds will be released as free updates for existing customers, so get your copy today!

World 2 added 1/23/2008.
World 3 coming soon!

"Team Phobic's recent update added so much new stuff to the game -- cutscenes, music, new enemies -- that it seems all you need to do is wait to get bonus stuff in Bounce On. " - IGN

"Bounce On: 3D-1D=2D and it rules!" -

"Thank you so much for making my favorite application! I was a mario addict at 5 and now a bounce addict at 25" - US iTunes Review

"Fans of platform and Mario games should definitely give it a look." -

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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This is a very well written post, my compliments. Im glad to find your post. Keep sharing this type of stuff.

Anon, 14/7/17 04:05

Bounce On

It is nice that they have included more stages for Bounce On. - Paradise Home Improvement Charlotte

w3w, 29/3/17 03:56

Bounce On

It is nice that they have included more stages for Bounce On. - Paradise Home Improvement Charlotte

w3w, 29/3/17 03:51

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This game is a very nice and has a very unique idea. I have seen this on I suggest everyone to download this game and enjoy with fun.

Hamza Fraoudia, 12/1/16 10:00

Answer To This

I am stuck on level 3 can this get any worse??


Anon, 23/7/12 14:56


I am stuck on bounce on. Seriously I've been on here for ..... only 66 HOURS!!!!!

Anon, 23/7/12 14:50

Answer to this

Oops below I meant the IS is at the end of the second line

Anon, 10/1/11 01:17

Answer to this

On the last level in Egypt I am stuck at the spot where the giant box
Is help needed

Anon, 10/1/11 01:13

Bounce on

I really enjoyed playing this game but I keep on during I'm wondering if there might be an infenity health cheat or a armour outfit or something to help me get through the levels easier thanks dude

Douche, 30/12/10 10:52
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