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Players: 1 :: Released: 13/3/09

Sully's Flight (iPhone)

Publisher: Laminar Research ::

NOTE: If you cannot succeed at landing the first time, then try again! PLACE YOURSELF AT KGLA RUNWAY 4 ON THE MAP SCREEN TO HAVE ANOTHER GO AT IT! Good luck!

This is 'Sully's Flight', a realistic simulation of Chesley Sullenberger's interesting flight of January 15, 2009, from LaGuardia to the Hudson River.

Based on the popular flight-sim X-Plane, 'Sully's Flight' starts you on runway 4 at LaGuardia in an Airbus A-320, at similar time, weather, and weight conditions to that fateful flight. YOU will fly the plane yourself, following hoops plotted in the sky showing Captain Sullenberger's approximate ACTUAL flight-path... This will let YOU fly the same profile Sully did, from take-off right through to landing... all with realistic physics and accurate land and river placement.

As well as the actual location, airplane, time, weather, and flight-path, the ACTUAL radio transmissions are played at the right time, giving a full immersion into the actual 5-minute flight... and with flight physics that are accurate enough to make it very similar to the real plane.

Touch down below 120 knots, at less than 250 feet per minute rate of descent to score a successful outcome. You may need to lower the flaps a bit, or trim up a bit, to achieve this!

Chesley already did it in the real plane.
I can do it in the sim.
Can you?

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Sully's Flight

It would be awesome to see more Sully's Flight . - Morgan Exteriors

w3w, 07/4/17 08:35
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