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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 30/6/09

Stranded - Mysteries of Time

Developer: Glu

Is it possible to be stranded... in time? Uncover the mysteries of a strange and secretive facility in the biggest adventure game ever to come to mobile. Solve puzzles to discover how to move through time and prevent a disaster from occurring that hasn’t even happened yet. Speak to the people you encounter and uncover clues to the strange events that are happening around you. Hunt the dangerous predators of the past and protect yourself against the threats of both today and tomorrow. Watch the night turn to day in real time as you discover that it’s not just a question of how to survive, but when to survive...

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 79%

Anannya Sen:

A huge sequel to the hit original.


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Where is Thorn and Grace?

Where to find Thorn and Grace I can't find them.Or what time can i see them and where do i find them?

Glenn, 10/1/11 12:55

Where u find the Spanish moss

The Spanish moss is at the place callled raptos roost u have to get on the beaker besides thorns office there u go to the left(make shurr u have alot of darts) once ur in raptor roost go down there will be a colerfull plant that's it!

Answers1213, 04/1/11 15:30

giving general thorn dino egg

I go to the lab and general thorn takes me to a lab where he says he is going to incubate dinsaur eggs but then it won't let me go any farther ... What do I do?

sav, 16/12/10 21:17

last three items for enclosures

can't find Spanish moss, Styracosaures egg, and Tsaagan egg in the nw island....... any ideas?

ziggy, 08/11/10 20:20

spanish moss & claw tooth & scale

The spanish moss u need a time beacon to get to. That's later in the game. That beacon is at Thorn's office. Have lots of darts. So many dino's to kill. I think to get the claw, scales and teeth u have to kill them in different areas of the island. Not sure about that. I just pop in and out of the island at the entrance area and dash around to a different area to kill them or time beacons and kill them again till I have all these things. Buy lots of darts.

Kat, 28/10/10 08:57

Bio groups

Once u have the bio groups you go the the North facility. Go to the back wall. There's a left middle and right section. Left one is 1,3 &5. Middle is 2,6 &7 and right is 4,8 &9. It took me a while to notice that a message pops up. Your bio groups sign will pop up and you just pick them.

Kat, 28/10/10 08:23

time beacons.

To get the Dino's across the water you need to take the time beacons.I spent lots of time trying to get to them. You can't yet.

You will get to step that says talk to the trader. He will give u the time beacons for $500 ea. There are 4 of them. I think its level 5.

Kat, 28/10/10 08:16

Still waiting on help to find time beacons

I need a few things I go to the island and I can see Dino across water but can't get to them,and Dino try to get to me but can't cross the water either . I have 2 task left before moving on to next episode. Pls help can't find time beacons what do they look like. Man on the docks does not have them to sell. What do I do, can anyone help

Barb, 27/10/10 01:56

Can't find time beacon

What does a time beacon look like? I go to the locations where beacons should be, but can't find them. Pls help! I found swamp beast , I have 2 task left before moving on, 1st 3 enclousers, and tooth, I see parts of island I can't get to . Pls help

Anon, 26/10/10 02:07


I need to get out of the future and can't! I can't seem to get back into the building where the time machine is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anon, 25/10/10 02:37

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