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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 30/6/09

Stranded - Mysteries of Time

Developer: Glu

Is it possible to be stranded... in time? Uncover the mysteries of a strange and secretive facility in the biggest adventure game ever to come to mobile. Solve puzzles to discover how to move through time and prevent a disaster from occurring that hasn’t even happened yet. Speak to the people you encounter and uncover clues to the strange events that are happening around you. Hunt the dangerous predators of the past and protect yourself against the threats of both today and tomorrow. Watch the night turn to day in real time as you discover that it’s not just a question of how to survive, but when to survive...

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 79%

Anannya Sen:

A huge sequel to the hit original.


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I'm at the part where you need the 3 bio groups. I've gotten the 1st one. I can't seem to get the 2nd and 3rd. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If anyone can help me please email me.

Renea , 28/3/10 03:54

Big Dino

You can outrun the big dino? I am having a hard time outrunning him because I get hung up in the water, and when I turn right and left the dino catches up to me quickly. So what I am asking is if there is another way, or do I need to just keep trying to outrun him?

Angie Knollenberg, 22/1/10 17:32


I have to collect 3 bio groups... I have it but imposition is not completes... Do you know why? Do I have to collect the first 3 bio groups? If i have to collect the first three bio groups, there ate Stegoceras and Styracosaurus. They appear in NW, but i cant get to this area... Help me, please...

Thimpu, 14/11/09 18:03


To get the formula just follow the tasks it tells you to do and follow the storyline instructions. You don't need to get the proof of the swamp beast yet though.

To get the strong axe you need to just get three groups and put them in the right enclosure. Then Thorn will tell you to get the strong axe, after which the dealer/trader will have it for sale.

The Spanish Moss is one you can't get until you do the above, have gone tothe future to see the established enclsure, then see the professor who will have time beacons - these let you get to parts of the island you couldn't get to before and you can get things like Spanish Moss.

I am, however, stuck on the running from the massive dinosaur/dragon thing. It doesn't help that my touchscreen phone occasionally won't register touches to the arrows, but I'm not even sure I'm going the right way about escaping. Any hints?

Tesria, 13/11/09 20:13


Trying to figure out how to get the formula so you aan bring back the eggs and whatnot...any help?

NecroMaster, 04/11/09 14:14

Running from te dragon

I can't seem to escape the dragon. you know the part where you have to run. help please!!

moonie, 03/11/09 03:45

spanish moss

i cant seem to find the spanish moss plant it says in teh game it's in the north east but when i head up there i can't seem to fined it

blackwurm, 29/10/09 05:14

strong ax

to get the strong ax you have to buy it at the east docks from the shady dealer

blackwurm, 29/10/09 05:11

Stronge axe

How to get strong axe???

Please help me...

Jamie, 18/10/09 11:52
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