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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 30/6/09

Stranded - Mysteries of Time

Developer: Glu

Is it possible to be stranded... in time? Uncover the mysteries of a strange and secretive facility in the biggest adventure game ever to come to mobile. Solve puzzles to discover how to move through time and prevent a disaster from occurring that hasn’t even happened yet. Speak to the people you encounter and uncover clues to the strange events that are happening around you. Hunt the dangerous predators of the past and protect yourself against the threats of both today and tomorrow. Watch the night turn to day in real time as you discover that it’s not just a question of how to survive, but when to survive...

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 79%

Anannya Sen:

A huge sequel to the hit original.


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grouper you mean the fish?

if you are asking about the grouper it is at west docks and only can be fished during the day, sometimes you will get parrotfish so you will need to fish more times.

Anon, 22/10/10 04:25


Where and when is the grouper?!?!?!?

Anon, 21/10/10 23:43

got 3 complete bio groups - what's next?

Hi, I'm looking for help here :)

Just came back from the past and have 3 complete bio groups. I know I have to do something with them now, but where do I go? Went to the laboratories etc, but there never is anyone to talk to.

Can someone please help?

PS: if I'm using wrong terminology on here, it's because the application language is German for me, so I'm not sure how it translates to the original.

Sonja, 21/10/10 16:16


1. During any time of the game when you are in 2009, you can always walk around to kick boxes to get freebies like darts or life packs.

2. When a person has an exclaimation mark on their head you can talk to them, they are either the soldier or doctor in lab or doctor at aquarium and they will ask for something that you need to help and in return they will give you rewards like $$$ so you can spend it on darts or whatever

Anon, 21/10/10 07:44


don't worry later on in the game, professor will be a chemical that will allow the eggs and seeds to be perfectly preserved

Anon, 21/10/10 07:27


Ok, i have no idea how to keep the eggs and seeds alive when i come back to the future.... what do i need???? do i need to buy something?

confused!!, 21/10/10 00:32

5 beacons

#1 Garden beacon - southwest island
#2 Aquarium beacon - eastland
#3 West dock beacon - southland, can find utahraptor egg
#4 Laboratory beacon - northeast island
#5 Outside of Thorn's office - northest island, spanish moss seed, tsaagan egg, styracosaurus egg

Anon, 20/10/10 08:07

Styracosaurus Egg

use the beacon outside of thorns office but there are many dinos so u need many tranqs

Anon, 20/10/10 03:17


escape from the big dino just keep running forward but don't run into the water cuz it will slow u down afterwards u will come across a waterfall, the program will have the guy jump down.

Anon, 20/10/10 03:13

spanish moss

spanish moss: use the beacon outside of thorns office. beware there are many dinos so u might need many tranqs.

Anon, 20/10/10 03:11

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