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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Block breaker deluxe

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Gameloft

Block Breaker Deluxe adds a fantastic new twist to a classic format. An eccentric billionaire is organising a Block Breaker contest for the 10 best players on the planet with $1mill entry. Make the most of $100 to hustle your way in.

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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katie, 17/4/18 17:49

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Jitharma, 30/7/16 05:17

Hotel boss

im on the hotel lvl an cant seem to figure out how to bea the boss not sure if its my phone or what can someone help me please

carrie, 11/6/11 18:06


you quys are such qame freakz nd uez are probaly nerdz tew IF UE KAN UNDERSTAND THIS GUESS WOT ur soooooooooooooooo fcuken qay thanx bru yah kwla khid

tatania tamiti, 29/12/10 01:06

the timeout

I am on the last level of the time out and cannot figure out how to play this. there is a balloon that floats around sometimes you hit it and the ball is returned 0other times the game is over and i dont know why. How do i play this level

sheila , 27/7/10 18:19

ball goes through pad

ahhh its so annoying..ive been playing for months and once i got to arena my ball keeps going through the pad and losing lives. now it happens on all levels! help wut do i dooo

tasha, 09/7/10 05:01

For ipod 5g

Sorry about the spelling:repost

-Arena: ok so i play the arena and a random lvl come's up and i mis the ball and the other person gains 1/5 and the ball dose not come back.
-siren level:There is only 1 lvl and no boss why is that?!

kevin, 03/7/10 03:28

For ipod 5g ARENA & siren level help!

-Arena: ok so i play the arena and a reandum lvl come's up and i mis the ball and the opnut gains 1/5 and the ball dose not come back.
-siren level:There is only 1 lvl and no boss why is that?!

Kevin, 03/7/10 03:24

cocunut casino level 1

im stuckk!!! i been at this level for days HELP!!!

ive hit all the bricks n collected all the chips, whats left are those blue bricks with the red ball in the middle and a blue brick with a blue ball at the top and no matter how much i hit those bricks with the normal ball or with the yoyo with or without it activated, those bricks wont budge and i dont know how to past this level! PLEASE HELP!!! ITS DRIVING ME MAD!! much appreciated

Anon, 29/6/10 02:09
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