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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Block breaker deluxe

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Gameloft

Block Breaker Deluxe adds a fantastic new twist to a classic format. An eccentric billionaire is organising a Block Breaker contest for the 10 best players on the planet with $1mill entry. Make the most of $100 to hustle your way in.

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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turnament stuck?

if you get stuck on that level and cant get out what you have to do is simple make yourself lose then a pop up comes up and asks do you want to continue? (or something close to that) select no and your problem should be fixed...
hop this helps

Anon, 02/5/10 01:18


By the way, I'm using a little Nokia phone, not a flash i phone or anything

Sandy, 01/4/10 02:54

grr!! Arena trouble.. please help


"Now when I play the arena level,the ball vanishes after someone misses it.
Someone help me please!
I don't think I've beaten the siren boss ,or seen one yet."Marissa, 27/5/08 03:58

--> im having the same problem!! the ball just passes through my pad... and ive gone back to try the other levels back in the Neon Rose, Club 22 and the rest and the same thing happens.. I launch the ball it comes back down and then passes through my pad and i lose a life... whyyyy!!!
you can email me too if you have a solution to this annoying problem!
subject: blockbreaker

Mel, 07/3/10 04:39

marco's grove

I know as I move the bricks in the metallic phase of last March's grove if anyone knows how to send comment!

iracema, 06/3/10 17:04

Museum level 3

How can I beat museum level 3? I get stuck on final.. Is that a bug?

Francisco, 02/2/10 22:51

Jet Ski Level

I've been to the jet ski level four times but didn't have enough money to buy the exploding ball. Does anyone know how to get back to that level? Thanks.

Mike, 07/1/10 05:26

coconut casino level 10

same problem as other people. i cannot collect the poker cards because the poker screen comes down and blocks them off?? how the hell do u beat this?

O-GOD, 25/11/09 17:44

leel 10 poker

how do you beat level 10, the poker level? its impossible

Anon, 25/10/09 23:12

exploding ball

Hey.. i dont know how to activate the exploding ball. i bought it and now i dont now the key to use it.. can someone pls tell me how to activate it during the game?

Liu, 21/10/09 10:11

Museum Level 8

Ok, so I was like the best at this game until I got to museum level 8! It's so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even get close to the end at all! And I was reading everyone else's commants and the way you get to buy something is only if you have money that you earn from beating some levels. Somebody better tell me how to beat this level please or else I'll like explode!! Lol!!

Laura, 17/10/09 13:18

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