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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Block breaker deluxe

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Gameloft

Block Breaker Deluxe adds a fantastic new twist to a classic format. An eccentric billionaire is organising a Block Breaker contest for the 10 best players on the planet with $1mill entry. Make the most of $100 to hustle your way in.

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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Boss # 3

how do you beat the third boss (the one with all the lines you have to clear)?? I've done it like a billion times and it's killing me I really want to beat it

Anon, 15/10/09 21:31

Museum level 8

How do you beat museum level 8? The blocks always hit me where there are only three or four left but I can't beat it? Someone tell me how to beat it please!!!!!!

Helpmeplease, 08/10/09 01:40


can any one tell me if ther r any cheats 4 it ????

Anon, 04/9/09 12:21

Museum level 8

How in the world do you beat this level? I have tried it like a billion times and I can never beat it. All That I can do is come like 3-4 lines left and then I die.
It makes very, very, very ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somebody Please answer this question.

blazer123, 05/6/09 17:06

How do i unloc the shop on block breakr deluxe on the phone?

Ive been wonderin how 2 get the shop on bloc breakr deluxe 4 th phone? pleas help

Randyb, 09/5/09 04:29

same problem

I'm having the same problems! Is there a specific way to get past Arena Level 5?? Also, I have no more Jet Ski levels and when I go to purchase the exploding ball he says I have to complete the Jet Ski levels! Do I have to beat the Arena boss to get them??

catherine, 20/4/09 21:04

Arena level 5

how do you beat the last one in arena? the one where there are 3 bricks vertically and two triplets of vertical bricks on the sides? i cant get anything past it!

Anon, 20/4/09 20:54


How do I beat the last level on Marco's Grove on the Blockbreaker game on my phone?

Belz, 11/4/09 15:29

64 stars

I too can not get #64 star. The last one I'm lacking is in mansion, playing on iPod touch

Scott, 06/4/09 04:55

Someone please answer this for me, I'm wasting my time here trying to figure this one out

So I've beaten each set of levels several times, I have millions in Block Breaker Deluxe the moment my lives are maxed out and I have everything from the Blick Breaker Deluxe Shop besides one thing..The Fireball for my Launch Ball. It says I need $2million which I've got but the other Requirement is for me to have 64 stars and I only have 63. Now i've done everything to find that last star!!!! Where could it possibly be!??! It's all I need for me to complete this me out please..

Felipe, 01/4/09 09:07

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