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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Block breaker deluxe

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Gameloft

Block Breaker Deluxe adds a fantastic new twist to a classic format. An eccentric billionaire is organising a Block Breaker contest for the 10 best players on the planet with $1mill entry. Make the most of $100 to hustle your way in.

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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Earning MONEY!!!

What is teh fastest way to earn money .. i have completed everything but i only have $1.5M ..

Arslan, 07/9/08 16:05


the siren level has a boss just keep playing its random

boss, 28/8/08 04:22

underground arena

Does anyone know how to beat the second boss in the underground arena. I've tried a million times and cannot defeat him.

Anon, 19/6/08 01:41

exploding ball

I tried to get the exploding ball and it doesn't work for the boss.

Anon, 19/6/08 01:38

Does anyone else have...

negative lives? I am playing with -600 lives. It started while I was fighting one of the bosses.

Glitch, 19/6/08 00:48


the only real way is to play the last arena. Spend some cash on the exploding balls and use them to blow up the metal bricks. Should be able to get $1million over the 10 levels.

Anon, 18/6/08 20:25


What is the best way of earning money? I know you get half a million for beating the third meeting, is that the best way?

Anon, 18/6/08 17:50

2nd Boss

How do I kill the 2nd Boss its driving me MAD !!! _ I have over $31,000,000 from playing the Siren because I can't get past him - someone plese help...also I have never come across a Boss in the Siren.

Georgina Kane, 12/6/08 21:00

siren and arena bosses

There is no siren boss. The siren is just a set of randomly generated levels that don't even earn you many points.

There is no arena boss. On the N-gage version, defeat the arena level three or four times in a row without losing a ball to win some pickup points

Anon, 05/6/08 13:35

how do u beat the second boss

everytime i touch him the game ends wtf do i have to do

Anon, 30/5/08 05:27

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