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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Block breaker deluxe

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Gameloft

Block Breaker Deluxe adds a fantastic new twist to a classic format. An eccentric billionaire is organising a Block Breaker contest for the 10 best players on the planet with $1mill entry. Make the most of $100 to hustle your way in.

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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2nd level

on the second level it does take your ball and then lasers come out you have to dodge the lasers and catch your ball when the lasers stop

summer, 18/10/07 06:28


I don`t know how to kill the second boss!!..someone help please!!

bee, 22/9/07 08:18


I dont no how 2 beat the third level with the explody blocks! ive been trying 4 months!! some1 help!

Ceri, 15/9/07 14:01


I can get everything in the game.
10 medals in every stage.
The money to buy the siren.
But i can't open the last stage,
Can someone tell how to do it??

German, 09/9/07 22:17


lol its very easy

Anon, 24/8/07 15:01


i can't beat second boss which looks like a turtle

Anon, 21/8/07 12:42


I can't get past the last level of marco's grove. You know the one where you have to hit the little explode things so the metal gose away???? I don't know if i'm suposed to hit it or let the lines keep come down.
Sorry its a realy ba description, but I NEED help. i've been doing it for days!!!!!!!

please someone, HELP.

Anon, 20/8/07 10:26


I dont know how to beat the last level of the third section or the third boss.


tara, 17/8/07 22:26

easy :)

its easy, shoot him then move out so laser dont hit u and then when he shoots it out, just use the pad, or if his pads are there, then stay there.. its easy

Anon, 10/8/07 18:11

HELP with the second boss

I don`t know how to kill the second boss!!..someone help please!!

Paola, 09/8/07 00:17

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