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Genre: 3D, Golf, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 04/1/10

3D Mini Golf Challenge (iPhone)

Developer: Digital Chocolate

Fore! Test your mini golf skills to see just how many hole-in-ones, pars, or birdies you can get in 3D Mini Golf Challenge, a sequel to a top downloaded brand.

3D Mini Golf Challenge - special introductory price 40% off until January 4th!

Play the best casual sports game now with amazing 3D graphics. This is your chance to test yourself in 4 different challenge types with 100 unique tracks. Mini golf has gone where no one has gone before with 4 unique themes: Super Nova, Excalibur, Transylvania, and Pirate’s Cove.

Enjoy 20 addictive challenges across 100 holes that contain 4 different challenge types:
-Par Challenge – The traditional challenge
-Time Attack – Play against the clock
-Hole-in-One – Try your luck at sinking every hole in one shot
-Versus – Test your skills by playing against a computer AI character

Play in 4 unique themes
-Pirate’s Cove
-Super Nova

Choose between two different characters: -male or female
-Realistic Mini Golf physics
-Relaxing and real music to help you visualize the sinking that ball in one shot

STILL NOT SURE? Try the Free Version

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 77%

Costas Stephanides:

Might not improve your short game but good fun nonetheless


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