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Genre: Arcade, Fun, Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 02/2/10

Bad Apples (iPhone)

Publisher: Metaversal Studios ::


Bad Apples is a turn-based puzzle game that adds a whole new flavor to the classic match-three formula established by "Bejeweled". Matching three or more identical fruits in a row or column "juices" the fruit, removing it from the board and putting it towards meeting your juice-making quota. But "Bad Apples" stand in the way of your success: match too many of these fruits, and it's game over!

Make enough good juice and you'll earn power-ups like the cherry-tomato bomb and the blue cross berry; make enough bad juice and you'll start to see super bad apples that eat away at your score even faster!

Don't let a fruit column fill up or the whole thing will rot into Bad Apples! An occasional crusher-fruit will fall from the tree to help you clear out unwanted pieces, but move it wisely; it destroys the piece beneath it after each move and can ruin a perfect combo beneath it -- or cause a super bad combo to occur above it!

Featuring 25 puzzles and a never-ending arcade mode, this game will entertain even the pickiest puzzle player. The first expansion pack (purchasable from within the game) unlocks two new difficulty settings, timed mode (which requires you to think fast!), 25 additional puzzle levels, and a brand new enemy to contend with!

Key Features:
* Familiar "swap-two-pieces" game mechanic, but you don't have to make a match every turn
* "Shake to drop fruit" adds tree-shaking fun to the game but can be disabled for play during bus rides and earthquakes
* "Crushers" change the board after you've moved, so you have to plan ahead
* Expansion packs with new puzzles and features keep the game fresh
* A delicious and important part of a healthy diet!

NOTE: The free game offers unlimited play of "easy mode" plus 25 puzzle levels. The "upgrade" offered in the game is actually the first "expansion pack", which offers more gameplay options for $1.99. The expansion pack is a one-time paid download that is managed through the App Store just like a regular app purchase. Once you own it, all upgrades to that expansion pack are automatically downloaded every time you update the free game via the App Store. Future expansion packs may offer more upgrade options, but the upgrades that you pay for now are yours forever.

Game Features: See Compatible Handsets

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Bad Apples

It is awesome to see more Bad Apples. - Steve Wyer

w3w, 12/2/18 05:24
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