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Yeti Sports 5

Genre: Fun :: Reviews: 1 :: Score: 85%

Everyones favorite Yeti joins us once again in this, the fifth installment of Yeti Sports. In this Yeti Sports game, Yeti and the penguins play golf. With the help of flamingos, Yeti undertakes a absolute funny and incredible amusing safari in the African savanna. Underneath giraffes, over elephants and acacias, catapulted high up to the sky by snakes and carried by vultures, the penguin demonstrates clean flying tricks on advanced level. »»


Genre: Fun :: Reviews: none yet

As Aryan, you are standing below the window of your beloved, Ria. Your aim is to collect the roses thrown down by her, to you, while avoiding the pots and shoes hurled at you by her dad, Dr. Malhotra. Every rose that you collect, adds to your score. Hits decrement score as well as health. Health bonuses appear during game play at intervals. As you collect roses, a ladder starts to form at the left side of the screen. Once complete, you will climb up, and into the arms of your beloved!

Raptor Heavy Squad

Genre: Shoot em up :: Reviews: none yet

You are the commander of the latest, deadly war machine developed in a secret NATO reasearch facility - RAPTOR. In the neighbouring city there is a military rebellion. The safety of the inhabitants and the research compound is threathened. The Raptor and its squad must go into its first, dangerous mission. Equipped with new technology weapons - plasma gun, uranium missiles, neutron bomb as well as with power shield you must face squadrons of infantry, grendiers, rocket launchers, heavy-tanks,... »»

King of Bollywood - Road Dancer

Genre: Dance,Fun :: Reviews: 1 :: Score: 57%

Everyone knows that the ever-young KK, a.k.a. the "Road Dancer" loves to dance! Dance along and try to match him move-for-move. Four stationary arrows are displayed at the top of the screen. Arrows scroll up from the bottom of the screen. The moving arrows move vertically upwards, exactly under the stationary arrows, so that they will overlap the stationary ones, on reaching the top of the screen. At the exact moment that a scrolling arrow overlaps a stationary one, you have to hit the... »»


Genre: Fun,Platform :: Reviews: none yet

Mr. Schizoo is a member of the Schizooferrets species which were supposed to extinct in the Dinosaur??s Era. Somehow the species managed to survive over the centuries, hidden deeply in a wild jungle on the planet Bombadoo. But now, the shadow is upon it again, and its survival is threatened! The last female Schizooferret (Mrs. Shizula, first seen in Bubu: The Great Escape game) was captured by poachers wanting to earn a fortune on her precious fur. Mr. Schizoo goes into action! There is a long... »»

Super Yum Yum

Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Reviews: 1 :: Score: 95%

Guide Leon through the levels to get back home, eating as much fruit as possible along the way. Super Yum Yum is an addictive puzzle game with potentially hours of gameplay.The rules are simple to pick up, but the strategy takes time to master.You have to really think ahead to get through and get all the fruit.Use Leon's tongue to eat fruit. He can only eat fruit that is the same colour as his skin. However, Leon's skin changes colour to the leaves of the last fruit that he ate. Leon can drag... »»

Sheep Mania

Genre: Puzzle :: Reviews: 1 :: Score: 80%

It's sheep shearing time! Unfortunately for sheep farmer Cal, sheep are often too lazy to move anywhere by themselves... Help Cal push all of his sheep around stones and fences onto the shearing devices - An ever more challenging task with over 50 levels to solve. SheepMania is great fun for anyone at any age, and will take hours and hours to complete.

Driver: Vegas

Genre: Racing/Driving :: Reviews: none yet

Tanner is raising the stakes in Sin City for this all-new action/driving adventure. Weave through cars on The Strip, push the limits on desert highways and veer around treacherous canyon switchbacks in death defying chases. Enhanced controls let you drift around turns, smoke the tires and lay down rubber. Blast the enemy with an arsenal of weapons. Even venture on-foot inside a casino. Jack any car, each with its own unique style and road-performance. Wreak havoc on the crime syndicates of... »»

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