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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
08/4/05 11:01
Gan's G.O.N.
More great news, reviews and a little lighthearted comedy coming your way from the master of procrastination, Gan himself!
So I've had a busy week last week. Buying a flat, sorting out a mortgage and getting stopped by the police. And this was the week that I was on holiday!! But enough about my life.

The new front page is looking good and has been getting some good feedback. But wait, there's more!! We're gonna refine it even further to turn it into an easy access page for all the different sections of our site, news, reviews, previews, competitions and, of course, my G.O.N!

There are still plenty of games coming your way soon. If you haven't seen them, we recently posted reviews for True Crime and Track and Furious. Coming in the next week we have a game called Subway (which is about trains and not the sandwich chain!), Zoo Tycoon 2 and MF Avenue. Plus we should have loads more great games coming your way soon! Also, we have added a whole heap of new handsets to our portfolio - the Moto V3 (Razr) Nokia 6020, Nokia 6170, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6822, Nokia 7260, Samsung E330 so you have more handset choices than ever before! Finally the launch of Nate Adams will be on Monday so if you haven't checked out our review yet, you can do so here.

Onto this weeks rant. This week I saw something that I just had to search of a unique birthday present for a friend, I trawled many websites and one of them stated that a great gift would be to sponsor an animal. You could sponsor an elephant, a tiger or lion or other species which needed looking after. Sounds cool right? The thing which struck me though, is that in addition to the pictures and the progress reports, you would get regular letters from the animal you sponsored. Regular letters?? Now maybe an elephant could learn how to write using its trunk to hold a pen, but a tiger? A lion? Come on! And how would those letters go?
"Dear Gan, today was a great day. My keeper gave me some peanuts and then I splashed water all over him to thank him! They have been trying to get me to use the edge of the area when I want to go to the toilet, but the hell with them, I'll go wherever I want and when I'm good and ready. If I happen to go over the keeper's shoes, well, that's not my problem, it's his, isn't it. Not much else happened, I swatted a few flies, walked around a bit and had a chat with Babar. He's a funny guy. Yours, Dumbo."
Or howabout the letter from a lion?
"Dear Gan, I had a lot of fun today. The keeper tried to give me some killed meat, but I am a connoisseur of the jungle so I went out to catch my own. I killed an antelope and then me and the boys sat down to a nice feast. He thought he could get away but we pulled the old good lion bad lion manoeuvre. Jimmy herded him towards us and then we all jumped on him and tore his flesh apart! I love the marrow that you get in the bones, don't you? Later that day Jimmy began to annoy me so I killed him as well, although he didn't taste as good. I was having a nap later and then the damn keeper woke me up for my bath. Well, he soon found out why I??m called King of the Jungle and I ate his ass too. Eating, sleeping and roaring, what a great life!"

Competition wise, we have picked the winner of our last competition so congratulations to James from Hastings who correctly identified Star Wars as the film the quote was from. But you all knew that right? Our next competition will appear on the front page in a little while, so keep your eyes peeled and come back regularly to check. You wouldn't want to miss out on our great prizes would you?


Drop me a line at



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