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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
06/5/05 19:43
Gan's G.O.N.
It's Friday, it's sunny so you know what that means?? Time for Gan's GON once again!
Morning all, or afternoon or evening depending where you're reading this. I have lots more stuff to tell you, to rant about and to hopefully amuse you this week.

Site stuff first and we've tweaked the front page even more! I know what you're thinking, when are we gonna leave it alone and the answer to that is probably never!! The previews now don't appear in the new features bit at the top, they have their own section at the bottom of the main page. Also, we expanded the new features to include the last four news or review items so you can get easy access to all our latest cool stuff. As for the logo, it seems we have a bit of programmers block to get through, but it should be up pretty soon. But wait! I almost forgot! We have added a new page for you all. We've had our rating system for quite a while now and always assumed that it was pretty self explanatory. Apparently this is not the case so we've added a page describing what we look for in a game, how we rate it and also why you can trust us to always give you the absolute honest truth when it comes to how good these games actually are. If you want to check it out, the ratings page is here.

Gameswise we have been really busy! We had a first here at Mobile Game Faqs and managed to sneak an interview with one of the developers of Maria Sharapova tennis. It has some really cool insights into the game. To read it click here. We hope this is the first of many and have an interview with one of the guys from Namco coming soon as well. Then there's the actual game of Maria, another great tennis game just before Wimbledon! Is that good timing or what? To read the review, click here. As promised we have two really cool Gameloft games for you, the addictive Midnight Pool and the stunning Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Over the next few days we'll be fulfilling our promise and reviewing Prince of Persia Warrior Within and also Asphalt GT another cool driving game. Will it beat Colin McRae or Car Racer 2? You'll have to check back here to find out.

Onto the rant and before I begin, I just want to say congratulations to Tony Blair and the Labour party for almost losing an election which was impossible to lose. Keep trying Tony, maybe next time. A favourite gripe of mine as you may know is the tube and this week the delays were even more ridiculous as the driver announced that the Central Line couldn't move due to "staff on the line ahead of us". Well, get them off!! It's a simple thing, remove the staff from the line so the train can get going. Bloody ridiculous. But that's not my point. During my observations in the mornings on the way in to work, I have noticed a new breed of sport which I think should be recognised. As part of London's bid for 2012, I think we should have the......wait for it......Train Olympics!! Yes, you heard me right, a series of events designed around the comedy that is people and the tube. Instead of the hurdles or 100 metres, we could have an event where people have to get from one end of a crowded platform to the other in the shortest time possible. Or an event where you have to try and get that last seat left on the train, you're sizing your opponent up, you know they've also noticed the passenger is about to get off. You glare into their eyes, ready for combat, the person starts to get up than vacates the space and it's GO! GO! GO! Of course while both of you are trying to get to the seat an old large lady knocks you both out of the way as she feels the seat is rightfully hers no matter what. Better than wrestling. And for the endurance events, trying to get from the central to the district line at Bank station has got to win the prize. It's like a mini marathon! We could have a new form of long jump in measuring how far you get into a carriage if you leap through when the doors are closing. And the ballet events would be the best if you watched a persons movements when the train comes to a violent halt. Marks out of 10 for composure as you fall onto the person next to you.

The competition has closed and I can announce that the last of our Nintendo DS's with Mario DS was won by Jennifer Manuel of Barkingside, Essex. It will be in the post shortly. Next week we'll have plenty of DVDs to give away so come back and check out the competition link on the front page.

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