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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
21/5/05 14:02
Gan's G.O.N.
Morning all, more news, opinions and craziness from your master of procrastination, me!
Well, I think it's clear to everyone that I'm not at E3. And I think it should be made clear to everyone that I should be. Well, with that gripe out of the way I'll get onto what is going on here with at Mobile Game Faqs.

While we may not be at E3 this year, that doesn't mean we're not gonna tell you all what's going on there. We have our first E3 news story and also a follow up about some very exciting news from Gameloft about the future of mobile gaming! And we're not ones to fuel rumour mills (as we're all such professional journalists) but we had a very interesting article on the potential relationship between Apple and Sony on the PS3. May not be mobile related but pretty cool stuff.

Gameswise we have been a little quiet but do have some quality for you. The first one was Berlin Chaos which is a slightly anarchic game but good fun (although we must add that Mobile Game Faqs doesn't condone in any way the practice of pyromania. Next up was a cute platform game (where have they all gone) which is worth a look if you like platform games, called Dragon Island. Also we had the latest in the classic Era of Eidolon series, Shirad's Forge which looks great and plays great too apparently. Finally on the eve of the cup final we have Manchester United football which is a great football game where you can play as one of the great teams through the years and also create your own!

Which brings me nicely onto my ramble. Over here in good old Merry England (for all our international visitors) the main passion is football. The real football and not the padded out, touchdown, quarterback, time out version our US cousins like to think is the real deal. And today is the FA Cup final, the most glorious football knockout competition in the world where dreams are made and hearts are broken. The two teams are Arsenal and Manchester United, giants in the English game. But the real comedy is the managers. Earlier in the season the tunnel bust up reached new proportions over allegations of soup and pizza throwing between the managers. I mean, as ridiculous as this sounds, it actually happened. Who walks down the tunnel eating pizza or drinking some soup? And even more stupid, when things kick off, instead of trying to punch someone, who throws food? Children maybe, but highly paid football managers? With the Glazer takeover I think Fergusons days may be numbered which is a good thing as the man in my opinion is losing it a bit and getting senile. And as for Wenger, I have never heard a more whiny man in my life apart from David O Leary. He complains about everything! In the paper the other day, they had a picture of the bust up when these two teams met before where Martin Keown decided to do his impression of L'estat behind Van Nistelrooy. The most comedic pose I have ever seen and the caption read that Keown was trying to imitate the dive Van Nistelrooy made to win a penalty! How do you imitate a dive by jumping at someone like a vampire about to take their next victim! Well, the final is gonna start soon and to be honest I don't care who wins as I'm a massive Liverpool fan so all I have to say is 'Come on the Reds in Istanbul!'

I'm gonna start signing off with some comedy football quotes that really do prove that while football may be the beautiful game, it's definitely not the smartest. First off is a recent one said by the Bolton manager Sam Allardyce on the fiery nature of one of our players on loan to them, El Hadji Diouf:

"He's absolutely great for 99.9% of the time but it's just that 0.01% where you don't know what he's doing"

Great manager Big Sam may be but I don't think maths is one of his stronger suits.

Till next time people!
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