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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
10/6/05 13:57
Gan's G.O.N.
I'm back, I'm bad, I'm brown and I ain't mad! More news, games and rants from your usual host with the most.
Well, we have lots to tell you this month.

Site stuff is ticking along nicely, for all our visitors who like to download games, we have an easier platform in the pipeline. If we can sort it out, hopefully it should make downloading the games a few simple clicks. Easy! Also, in case you missed it, Macrospace and Sorrent have combined forces to become one global brand called Glu! See the news story. Let's hope they can stick it out (sorry, I couldn't resist). Motorola are going to release a 1GB handset later in the year (everyone together now..."ahhhhhhh") and we even managed to dig out some apple stuff linking iTunes to phones, check it out here. On an even more exciting front, Mem 2005 will be taking place at Earl's Court next week on the 15th and 16th of June and we'll be there to check out all the latest developments in the world of mobile phones. The sections and companies cover everything from ringtones to games to video and music content. Should be very very interesting and we may even have some pics for you all as well!

Onto why you're all here. The games. Asphalt Urban GT won best game application at the BREW 2005 awards. See our news story. I thought the game was great and we had a lot of fun playing it. For the newer reviews, we have two reviews for Tom and Jerry food fight. One was by one of our main editors, see the review here and the other was from someone who loved the game so much they had to write in and tell us. Check out their review of Tom and Jerry foodfight. This is exactly what we're looking for, more comments from you all on what the games are like and what you like and dislike about them. In case you missed it, there are links for you to add your own reviews to our site as well as any comments (on the full review page near the top right) you have. Our chief editor ("don't call me chief!") got around to reviewing a football game with great potential, check out 2005 Real Football and also his review of a very popular game with the ladies New York Nights - Success in the City, but which can be enjoyed by all. Coming up we have lots of games for you including...wait for it....Ancient Empires II!!! That's right, one of the best games just got better. Check out how much better over the next few days.

Rant time this week and I want to talk about women. An interesting question I read the other day was asking what the difference between the Miss World and Miss Universe contest was. I can understand the Miss World title, but for the Miss Universe title do we get contestants from other galaxies? What would the rules be, would they have to be attractive as a humanoid form or could an alien who had gills and 4 arms enter? And for the category where they have to talk about ambitions, what would the other races say? "I dream of one day being able to conquer the earth and have my people run riot over the lands of your lush and very green planet!" Speaking of alien races, humanoid and not, I wanted to give an honourable mention to a favourite character of mine, James T Kirk. Now I love star trek (although I'm not a trekkie) and people may debate who was the best captain, Picard, Janeway, Sisko (any man who can deliver Star Trek scripts as if he's reading Othello deserves some applause) or Kirk, but there's one overriding factor for me that decides it. Kirk was able to pull (get to second base with for our american cousins) non humanoid races. Think about that for a minute and marvel at the level of props that man deserves. Non humanoid races!! Creatures with no arms, spider like eyes or even! I remember one episode where the crew had unsettled this strange looking beast which resembled a carpet (or Dougal from the Magic roundabout) and it turned out to be a mother protecting her young, but, get this...she took an affinity to Kirk and was trying to nuzzle up to him! For the races that Kirk pulled, to them it was probably akin to bestiality or even worse! And finally on the subject of women, over here in the UK the sun has decided to finally come out and being a young (ish) single guy my attention has been preoccupied by the large numbers of beautiful women out on display. Actually, it doesn't take much to get me interested, any little bit of flesh on show will draw my attention, but then hey, I'm a man. But I digress. The point I wanted to make is where do all these women go during the winter? I never see anywhere near the same number. Do they all hide in a cave somewhere and come out during the signs of spring (and if so, can someone tell me where the cave is)? Do they all migrate south for the winter and only venture back north to the UK after they've got GPS confirmation that the temperature is above 22 degrees? Where do they go? Just a thought, and I'll be back with more rants and rambles next week.

Have fun!

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