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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
08/8/05 12:03
Gan's G.O.N.
The wait is over! They've finally let me out of the cave! I'm back baby!
Well well well, hello to you all again. Gan's GON is back after it's temporary hiatus and you can all breathe a sigh of relief (I'll pretend not to hear the groans of disappointment).

In the weeks I've been away we've had some absolutely quality games reviewed, an exclusive interview and even got the forum back!

There have been a lot of cool games we've had the pleasure of reviewing lately. The picks of the bunch have to be Another World and Bobby Carrot 3. Both great games and both very different. Another World really showcases mobile gaming at it's best and the potential for games looks very very good. Another game which is also worth a look is Port Royale II which is a strategy game where you have to eventually rule the high seas! Shades of Dune and C&C spring to mind. Finally I forgot to mention a game which is sure to be a major hit on your phones. Simple and addictive gameplay, with only one button press required, you couldn't ask for much more in the fabulous Skipping Stone. It even got our coveted ice cold award.

Moving off games and onto a little news, we managed to track down the developer of Ancient Empires II and asked him all those questions that you've been dying to find out. Well, ok, all those questions that we have been dying to find out. Check out our interview here. If that wasn't enough, we even had a story whereby you can get Super Yum Yum for free! That's right, I said free! Check out the details for one of our favourite titles. Finally on the news front, we introduced what we hope to be a regular feature of the Top 10 downloaded games at Mobile Game Faqs so you can all see what's hot and what's not. The facts and figures are here.

Speaking of checking things out, we've done some rejigging and reorganising and have resurrected our forum. Now if you're stuck on a game, want to check out some hints or have general questions you can post and read them here. We're even happy to have idle chat both phone and non phone related so don't delay and post today!

On a very sad note I feel that I have to mention the shocking events which occurred in London over the last few weeks. It's a very sad and dangerous time to live in when common freedoms of civil liberty and equal rights are placed under pressure. What happened on 7/7 was tragic, horrific and any number of superlatives that fail to describe the actual impact of the situation. That there is enough hatred in the world to freely cause the deaths of innocents and disruption to our basic way of life is frightening. Some of us were more caught up than others and my heart goes out to those suffering now because of those events. If you want to donate you can do so to the London Bombing Relief fund. I do want to add though, that we must remain strong in these trying times. Historical events which have led to this situation cannot be changed however we must be brave and fight on, not giving in to the fear and paranoia that is the goal of these despicable people. If we do that then they will have won and our way of life will never be the same. To that end though, while vigilance is a necessity, racial hatred and stereotyping is something almost as evil. Not all Muslims are fanatacists and not all Asians are terrorists. We understand that the Police have a job to do and I for one, am happy to forego some freedom if it means attacks like these never happen again. But the increasing number of incidents and hostility towards anyone with a darker skin colour or carrying a rucksack or backpack will only serve to increase the violence and continue this spiral of hatred. I am not Muslim although I have a lot of Muslim friends and believe me when I say that it takes a very specific individual to not only kill themselves but innocents as well. It goes against the grain of human nature and that is why it is so hard to understand and combat. But if we educate people and try to bring more countries and groups together aligned with a common view then over time terrorism will become a thing of the past. Here's hoping.

I didn't want to end on that topic so a very brief rant for your amusement. With the increasing number of Pret A Manger stores cropping up and the increasing number of people using them, I came across something both funny and pretty stupid. Not many people know that in terms of calorie content and fat content, Pret sandwiches are actually less healthy than the equivalent at McDonalds (check out the stats on both websites, it's true, and in any case McDonalds own a 33% stake in Pret). That's my excuse for visting the golden arches more, but when in Pret the other day I bought a sandwich and was amazed to find a section on the side which tells you how to make the perfect Pret sandwich. It tells you how to make a sandwich!! A sandwich!! Now even though my culinary skills are akin to those of a 3 year old (ie I can burn anything) even I know how to make a sandwich. I mean anyone who even thinks about what a sandwich is will know how to make a sandwich. Ok, before the Earl of Sandwich they may not have but come on people!! And the instructions were true to their word, ie Step 1 - get some bread. Step 2 - butter the bread, but remember to butter on one side (excuse me? how stupid do you think we are). Step 3 - add the filling ie some tuna and mayonnaise, spread it over the bread (yeah, like we were going to put all the filling right in the middle and leave the edges of the sandwich empty). Step 4 - place the other slice on top of the slice with filling (ok, think I have that now). Step 5 - cut the sandwich in half and eat it (really?!?!? I was going to cut it into slices and use it as ornamental christmas decorations!!!). How to make a sandwich! Ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm back for good now so drop me a line anytime and maybe if you're bored post some comments on our forums.

Catch you all on the flip side,

Drop me a line at



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