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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
30/8/06 12:09
Gan's G.O.N.: Football
Well, another week another footie blog. Don't worry, we will be doing other types for non football fans :)
Midweek is a strange, kind of transitional time when you follow football. You are still reflecting on the game from the weekend before but you are starting to look ahead to the following game with some interest. This week is a bit different as there's no premiership football on this Saturday due to the international matches. So it gives me a good time to talk once more about my beloved Liverpool and also comment on the Premiership in general.

Let's get the Sunderland thing out of the way first. It is NEVER a good idea to have a chairman and manager who don't get on. Especially two who have vociferously voiced their disdain for each other in the past. So I predict a troubled time ahead for Keano and Quinny. Granted, there will be the initial grace period where the players have the impetus to play well for a new manager, and that manager threatens them with physical violence when they fail to perform, but that will wear off pretty soon. And Roy Keane will find that coaching is a whole different ball game to just motivating your players (although that does play a large part). Then, when teams get used to them again, and poor results start to become commonplace, the manager will go to the chairman and ask for money to sign new players to take the team forwards. And when the chairman says "no, sorry Roy, we have no money, we spent it all on your salary" then I would love to be a fly on the wall when Keane goes nutso.

Back onto the Premiership then and a bit of a lucky win for Chelsea. They didn't deserve to win that match, although they didn't deserve to lose either. I think it was a correct refereeing decision for the penalty but I sometimes think that Abramovich's coffers would swell far more if referees weren't bribed to never give a penalty against Chelsea. Ok, this is pure speculation, but I find it incomprehensible how Carvalho doesn't get caught more often. He's one of the sneakiest, dirtiest players in football (next to Makelele) when it comes to putting your arms all over a player, or pulling them back, tugging their shirt, tripping them up or throwing them to the ground. Blackburn didn't create a whole lot but they did have a lot of energy and drive, and it's a shame they lost.

Speaking of shame, Arsenal aren't going to play like that and lose again this season. Or so says Thierry Henry. Well, Thierry, you've been here a while now and while the scintillating football that your boys play is a joy to watch, until your team learns how to score goals with the ball bouncing off their arse, I predict there will be a few more times this season that they come away with nothing when they should have had all 3 points. Winning ugly is not in Arsene Wenger's vocabulary (which is strange when you look at his gargoyle esque face) but it's something all champions have to do unless you go on a 50 odd match unbeaten streak. Still, if Arsenal finish in the top three I will be astonished.

Watford surprised everyone but me with their showing against Man U but they were also really unlucky to not get something out of the game. They have had a really good start to the season but unfortuately for them, the points don't show this. It's their energy on the pitch which teams are unprepared for and Man U had to dig deep to get that 2-1 win. Watford had plenty of chances and should at least have levelled. Well, c'est la vie.

Onto Liverpool then. Whoever is comparing Agger to Hansen really needs to wake up and stop being such a moron. The Dane is a good player and hopefully will be a really great player but it will be some time before he can truly be compared or start emulating the great Hansen. But, I have to say that his goal was amazing, one of the best strikes you will see all season. Ignoring the fact that the Hammers defence backed off him, he managed to swerve the ball around their players on it's way to goal!!! Now this wouldn't have happened a few years ago but the advances of ball technology are now there and clear for everyone to see. Still, take nothing away from the strike and an even better defensive performance from someone who looks like they are being groomed to be our next first choice centre back. West Ham are a great attacking side and try to rely on their attack having more impact than their defence. In fact, when I can, I will support them as other members of my family do so religiously. But one thing needs to be said. Bobby Zamora, if that was a shot then I'm the ruler of the Earth and you shall all bow down before me. There was no way in hell that was a shot and for trying to convince us otherwise you are only making yourself look like a bigger fool than you already are. Still, you have got a decent goal scoring record at the moment. We managed to come back with some sublime skill from Luis and Crouchy, but there were plenty of other chances that went begging. Bellamy was offside a lot and I think he's starting to get a little frustrated. I don't blame him and hope he starts getting the goals soon. Our attacking play was very exciting to watch and our pace and wide movement was something I haven't seen in a Liverpool side in a long time. I hope good times are around the corner, and seeing how much hustle and bustle Dirk Kuyt brought to the proceedings I have plenty of hope that he will score bags this season.

Roll on the Merseyside derby.

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