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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
25/2/05 09:54
Gan's G.O.N. Part 4
Hello people and welcome back to the crazy world that I inhabit. More games, news and rants than ever before this week! Enjoy!!
TFI Friday!!! At least for me anyway, although as usual I have a weekend ahead of me where once again I won't have more than a spare hour or so to sit down.

The astute amongst you may have noticed that GON is actually here now!! I am of course referring to the pic of the cute dinosaur. While I'm not an actual T-Rex and go hunting around looking for Jeff Goldblum and other foolish scientists to chomp on, it is the actual GON for all you fans of the series and what's more than that, funnily enough, GON represents me quite well!! In what way, I hear you say? Well, I'm cute, ferocious when I want to be and I'm bit of a dinosaur in the world right now. If I was living in the time of the dinosaurs though, I would be the King.

Onto more website related stuff. In addition to GON, the website will, and I know I keep saying it, face an overhaul soon. The logo will DEFINITELY be unveiled in the next week or so, and I for one can't wait. The format will shift around a bit to make it more user friendly so that all you games fans can get to the reviews you want quickly and easily. Good news right!!

Anyway, games wise we have some even better news. Did you check out the reviews of Pink Panther and Yetisports 4 from the last few days? They were both top games. This week we have something even cooler lined up for you all. I'll get the standard stuff out of the way and tell you that we have Mr Bean, Predator and others coming your way. But the game which has really got me excited is Tenchu - Wrath of Heaven. I spent hours on the first Tenchu way back on the PS1. I would stand on rooftops for a good 45 minutes so that I wasn't seen, maybe I took being a ninja too seriously. In fact I always wanted to be a samurai at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate. I digress, what I've been meaning to say is that we're going to have a Tenchu review next week. Cool.

So what's the deal with quiz lines these days? I mean, I know they??re out to make money but it's getting ridiculous. I remember when I was a kid, the questions were actually pretty hard. You'd get something like ?? what's the time differential between Jesse Owens and the guy who came second in the 100m when measured using litres as a basis of measurement. And the voice would be really stern as well, like the guy felt he was being wasted on quiz voiceovers and wanted to move onto something really big time like the talking clock. Speaking of which, what's the point of that now? Most people have watches, mobile phones, hell, even cufflinks tell the time now. The person whose voice it was must have pulled LOADS before. [ Barry White ] "Hey baby, you know that voice you hear when you phone up for the time? Well, that's me, and I think it's time you came back to my place, you dig!"
And now they??d be like ?? "you know that voice you hear when you phone the talking clock?" And they??d be like "the talking what? Get the out of my face, muppet!"
Anyway, once more I digress, I was saying how easy quiz questions are these days, before it was all so complicated and now (with a voice as if you've just won the lottery) it's like 'What is the name of the planet we live on? Is it a) Mercury b) the Earth or c) the Sun?' Who can spot what geeky mistake I threw in there? I mean who actually phones those lines!!!

Last week's quote: the seminal classic of Superman III and the genius of Richard Pryor. I adore this film and think it's packed so full of humour that it's only just beaten by the 1960's Batman movie.

This weeks quote:

"I can have 100 agents out here crawling through every orifice you have. And when I'm done, you can go to your favourite proctologist and you can get an ointment and you can rub it on the orifice that hurts the most!"

Laters people.
Drop me a line at



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