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tickle the GON, go on... we dare you!
18/3/05 15:50
Gan's G.O.N.
It's me again with news about more games than ever before for all of you good people. And we have another competition!!
You may have noticed that the site looks slightly different. Well, we have finally unleased the new front page that I've been going on about and I think it looks great. We're still playing around with the colour scheme but there's more info for you all, more pics and I think a better format. We reckon it still retains the feel of MGF??s that you have all come to know (and hopefully love) but let us know what you think.

We have loads to tell you on the games front. Right now, we are playing two great games from Digital Bridges ?? Nate Adams Moto Cross and Arctic Challenge. These will both be ones to check out over the next few days when the reviews go up, in fact, one of our reviewers had less than 4 hours sleep last night because of Nate. And if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, the good folks at Digital Bridges gave us a preview of some of their hot titles coming out over the next few months. There's a great looking 3D Fast and Furious game (it really does look stunning), we have the next tennis smash (sorry, couldn't resist) in Maria Sharapova's tennis, a quality puzzle game in Jewel Quest, a mouth watering sequel in the next Metal Slug and finally, the one that I guarantee will be on everyone??s lips over the summer period ?? Skipping Stones. May not sound like much, but take my word for it, this game will be HUGE.

It's funny, my dad tried playing a game on my phone the other day. He can't even text but wanted to have a go. Usually when I play the Japanese version of Pro Evo Soccer (Winning Eleven for all those of you who are educated) he comes in and imitates the Japanese commentary. That's funny enough but seeing him play a game on my phone was the icing on the cake. You know, I think that the older people get, the more grumpy they get. They are in their twilight years and should be enjoying life, but somehow everything seems to bother them. What I don't understand is why, the older he gets, the more he turns into a Klingon!! It's like every little thing in the day somehow offends his honour and his bloodline. Someone will not say goodbye properly on the phone and I hear:

"Toch Lach!! Rach moch toch! Kachan ta hoch lan" which loosely translated means "I cannot believe the rudeness of the person on the phone for not disengaging the call with the proper etiquette." He doesn??t talk like that by the way, but I'm sure he thinks like it. And before you ask, I know no Klingon, I was making that up. I'm sad but not that sad.

So, another week another competition. We have managed to secure another Nintendo DS plus Mario for you all. But first things first, the answer to last week's question. The quote was from that quality film Hard Target starring one of my favourite actors Mr Jean Claude Van Damme. If you are in any doubt of this man's abilities to entertain, see if you can get a hold of a copy of an old programme on ITV called Men For Sale in which Van Damme was presenting a prize. Pure genius. I'll get to this weeks quote in a minute, but people have been telling me lately that my quotes are too hard and I??m too geeky in my film knowledge (of which I scoff in their faces while laughing maniacally like a Bond villain) so you're going to get some options for the answers to make things a bit easier. There, who said I wasn't a nice guy?!

This weeks quote for the Nintendo DS

"In my neighbourhood, when I tap you on the shoulder and say can I be of some assistance? It??s too late! Your ass is gone!"

Is it:

A ?? Bad Company
B ?? I-Spy
C ?? Rising Sun

Enter Competition
Winners out of a hat to be announced in my next exciting instalment!

Drop me a line at



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