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Genre: Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/1/04

YetiSports 4

These are user and staff submitted hints for YetiSports 4. If you have a hint or tip for this game, share!
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The albatross flies further when it's low to the ground

Press the flap button lightly when it's low to the ground

Try and launch your penguin when there are higher flying albatrosses overhead. That way they will go further before you have to flap their wings

I find a useful tactic is to let the albatross get close to the ground, tap the flap button once to get in in the air slightly and then as it comes down, tap the button again to get it much higher in the air. This is effectively a quick double tap and takes the penguin further and allows your power bar to build up more.

When your power bar is almost at an end, don't be shy, press it as much as possible, but you should wait until the bar is just about to finish.


A bit risky, but worth the practise: let the first flock of albatrosses fly by and wait for a gap between flocks. When you can see the beak of the next albatross launch the penguin. With a bit of luck the penguin gets caught when it is falling to the ground, instead of being caught when it is rising. This way the albatross gets a good accelleration, instead of being slowed down 'cause of hitting the 'bad winds'. (Thanks Turrebo)

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