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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/1/05

These are user and staff submitted hints for Siege. If you have a hint or tip for this game, share!
You can also look on our forum for hints.


Use the money to build up your castle's health (up to a maximum of 2000).

When you have enough, always try and buy another archer from the barracks. This allows you to fire more than one arrow (up to a maximum of 3).

You don't have to always aim for enemies. Using left and right very quickly, concentrate your fire on one specific area that your enemies are walking towards. If you can fire your arrows quick enough, you will create a hail of arrows that your enemies just walk into and die.

Some enemies take several shots to die.

Watch out for wizards who are hard to hit (with many troops in the way) and hard to kill. They do a lot of damage.

When an enemy appears, you can take it out with one shot usually before it appears fully if your shot is very accurate.

Later on always use your special arrows and troops as they become very easy to buy.

You can shoot just by the foot of your castle.

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