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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 09/4/05

Ancient Ruins 2

Developer: HandyGames

These are user and staff submitted hints for Ancient Ruins 2. If you have a hint or tip for this game, share!
You can also look on our forum for hints.


????? Some zombies will rise after they have been beaten!

????? Defeat the hellhounds at the spring to gain access to the shrine of cure.

????? Your mission is to enter the tomb of sister Agatha but the bridge over the ditch is blocked. You have to dewater the ditch to get in there.

????? To open the watergate you must descend down to the control room. The key for the room is in the grave of the watergate keeper.

????? Brother Ramirez guards the key for the holy sword. The key to his crypt is somewhere in the ditch.

????? The spring will dry up when the watergate is open. Let's have a look in there

????? There is a snag with a holy symbol at the cemetery. Little challenges and a reward is waiting for you there.

????? Find the switch in the labyrinth to get the key for the cemetery.

????? The catacombs under Agatha's grave have an exit to the labyrinth.


Enter the following on the import character screen to play as a zombie or hellbound

Name - hgzombie or hghellhound

Code - 17

The individual character have different attributes. E.g. when you choose to play with the zombie you start with a massive suit of armour and you are hard to beat. But you can't save the gathered experience points from these cheats.

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