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Best Graphics Award

This category could have had a few different entries had we decided to perform all our reviews on high-end handsets only. Instead we review on standard handsets so you may see some surprises in here. That doesn't mean the graphics aren't good, as you should be able to see this from our choices. The improvement in graphics and the increasing use of 3D on standard handsets means that now you can have almost PS2 quality graphics on your phone!


Alpha Wing 2

It's rare that shoot em ups have graphics this good and the backgrounds alone are what got this game into our category. That and the excellent use of bold bright colours. Click here for the review.

3D The Fast and the Furious TM: Tokyo

Stunning graphics and backgrounds and a customizable car colour palette that is as good as the PS2. Click here for the review.

Galaxy on Fire

This really blew us away when we saw it and was such a step up from anything else. Click here for the review.

Heli Strike 3D

A sumptuous looking game which really makes you sit up and take notice of the smooth polygons and great camera angles. I felt like Stringfellow Hawk. Click here for the review.

My Little Dog

The closest thing graphically to Nintendogs, great graphics and some nice animation. Click here for the review.

Raging Thunder 3D

This came in early 2006 so we wanted to get it into our awards but couldn't. We didn't forget about it so we included it here as it set the standard for 3D car games. Click here for the review.

Tron 2.0 3D

More slick 3D, these graphics are probably better than the ones used in the film! Click here for the review.

And the Winner...

Best Graphics

Galaxy on Fire

Graphically this game is the closest thing we have seen to a console. In fact, before we saw it we didn't believe you could get graphics this good in a game, but check it out and you'll see what we're talking about.

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