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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 06/6/06

Download ChuChu Rocket

Developer: Glu

In a far away time on a far away planet, there is a Space Port. This Space Port is inhabited by thousands of little ChuChus (BTW: ChuChus aren't ordinary mice, they're space mice!)

The things that ChuChus detest more than anything are KapKapus (BTW: KapuKapus aren't ordinary cats, they're space cates!)

The ChuChus lived happily until one day, when... the Space Port became infested with KapuKapus! The ChuChus panic and begin to ask themselves "What should we do?... Which rocket should we escape?"... Now the fate of the ChuChus is in your hands!

The 'ChuChu Rocket!' launch countdown has begun...

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