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Mobile Gaming News

"Fightbox" on the N-Gage??

Story added: 17 Sep 2004 22:55. Last updated: 17 Sep 2004 22:55.

Nokia and Digital Legends Entertainment announced an exciting addition to the N-Gage games portfolio. ONE is a high-quality, 3-D fighting game set in an urban and real environment. Developed exclusively for the N-Gage platform, ONE extends the fighting game play with cool beat-em-up features, such as extensive character customization and an on-line ranking system.

ONE features numerous customization possibilities. Players can literally create millions of unique fighter characters with different outfits, skin tones, body features and colors. ONE also features numerous single player and local multiplayer modes via Bluetooth wireless technology as well as enhanced N-Gage Arena features. The N-Gage Arena on-line ranking system evaluates fighters not by only the number of wins and losses, but also according to the skill level of individual fighters, such as the complexity, accuracy and power of kicks and punches. The ranking system also takes into consideration how long a player takes to beat an opponent and how much power they have left at the end of a match.

??Working on ONE has been an exciting challenge as we are really pushing the boundaries not only for the N-Gage platform, but also for fighting games in general,?? says Ralph L??mme, producer of ONE.

??ONE represents a unique challenger in the fighting game genre,?? says Pasi P??l??nen, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. ??With its stunning graphics, finely tuned fighting engine and real urban locations, ONE provides a highly compelling gaming experience on the N-Gage platform.??

ONE takes gamers to real, urban underground locations around the globe. Customized fighters face diverse adversaries with varied fighting skills. The only way to get to the top of the rankings is to challenge fighters around the world, beat them up and capture their skills. ONE is a game of winners and losers. Eventually a true legend is born ?? the ONE.

??Digital Legends Entertainment, as a Nokia first party title developer, is committed to creating cutting edge content that anticipates the future evolutions of mobile and online gaming,?? says Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment.

ONE is expected to hit the stores in May of 2005.

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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