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Glow Worm On iOS Is An Epic & Wildly Stylized Microscopic Action-Adventure

Story added: 24 Jul 2012 16:15

Explore the World Of Microbes!

In a special limited-time only promotion with popular games- and app-portal, Daily App Dream (, independent developer AngryOrange is inviting you to download their highly addicting action game, Glow Worm, for FREE, beginning July 24th 2012.

Previously featured in the new and noteworthy category on the App Store, Glow Worm is a highly unique action game that challenges you to capture, and skillfully transport, 10 or more bacteria scattered inside a living cell! Your objective is to save as many bacteria as possible using the Glow Worm, a neutrophil-like body, which automatically captures each nearby bacterium using a single filament. Once the microbes are attached, the filaments slowly retract as you navigate your Glow Worm back to safety (a spawning point) with bacteria in tow. Along the way you are challenged with lethal obstacles, including oddly shaped micro-spaces, viruses, red cells, and rotating X cells. Once touch-activated, your Glow Worm begins to lose power, forcing you to work as quickly as possible before it no longer functions.

Featuring a remarkable physics engine, Glow Worm delivers an eerily realistic simulation of conditions inside a cell, similar to underwater simulations. The intracellular fluid, the medium in which everything inside the cell exists, has a viscosity greater than water, making navigation especially challenging. Transporting large numbers of bacteria at a time improves efficiency, but heightens difficulty. In addition, the longer the filament, the harder it is to pull the bacteria through obstacles safely. Each filament begins to retract, ingesting the microbe, as soon as it captures a bacterium, but the filaments retract slowly. This creates a strategic problem of safety versus time.

Maneuvering inside a cell containing moving bodies is more difficult than it first appears, and you will quickly develop a feeling for how each small tethered bacterium will react to being pulled at a particular speed and in a specific direction. At each level of play there are a minimum number of bacteria you must save to complete the level and move forward.

Glow Worm is available in the App Store

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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