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Mobile Gaming News

Tag Team Players in GAMEVILs New Game Epic Raiders

Story added: 27 Jul 2012 10:37

New multiplayer RPG on App Store

Leading mobile games publisher and developer announced the release of their newest game, Epic Raiders to App Store today. Epic Raiders combines GAMEVILs know-how of creating polished RPGs and their dedication to provide games as a service, to introduce a party play RPG that will keep users entertained for hours.

In a quest to rescue their princess, the knights and warriors of Epic Raiders unite together in this party play RPG. In Epic Raiders, players select up to four characters, that possess different skill sets, in battle and assign them to various enemies upon each wave of attack. Once a stage is cleared, players are able to unlock the next level of challenges that await. With full customizable gear that materializes in battle, along with a wide array of colorful weapons and armory- players are able to experience the full tailoring and character building of RPGs. In addition to a vast collection of equipment, Epic Raiders offers users an organized and systematic level of skill building that features unlock-able abilities and leveling up specific skill choices. In Dungeon Mode, players also battle to attain secret items, rare weapons and level up. Through PvP Mode, users can also play against other users characters while hiring guest fighters to battle in your stead. Featured in brilliant HD graphics, Epic Raiders is released as a service with continual updates for more stages, improvements and in-game events.

We are excited to release Epic Raiders to App Store, stated Kyu Lee, VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, Inc. As we begin to release our titles as services, we hope to offer users quality games that can grow into long standing investments.

Epic Raiders is now available for FREE on App Store

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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