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Gan's G.O.N.

Story added: 17 Feb 2005 17:14. Last updated: 17 Feb 2005 19:44.

What up people, I'm back once again (with the Renegade Master) to bring you insights into the wonderful world of MGF's!

Ok, first off the bat I have to say that I am back to normal. Almost. While I think I could never really be described as normal, I have got rid of my flu and can happily eat, drink and be merry!! I think I may have OD'd on OJ while I was ill though.

Onto the site and things are progressing. We have the basic new logo design and there are crack teams working on it night and day and we have withdrawn food priveleges until it gets done. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. We are also going to change the front end in the near future. A linear scrolling page is cool and all, but a bit dated so we're gonna have more colour and more pics! Plus the news will be a bit more prominent so you don't have to hunt around to find my GON anymore.

Gameswise, we are getting back on track as I promised we would. And speaking of track we have a few sports related games reviews coming up for all you sports fans out there. First up is Winter games which, although I can't ski, looks like a lot of fun. Then we have the fourth part in the infinitely popular and insanely addictive Yetisports - Yetisports 4. There's a puzzle bobble game called Bubble Gun as well, but can it topple the master? Check back here at the site to find out. And for all you film fans we have the DBI release of Pink Panther for your phones. Now we should all know by now of the high level of quality of DBI so this could be another classic!

As for my ranting this week, nothing much has really aggrieved me. After being properly ill for the first time in months, I was looking forward to catching up on my DVD's but I was so ill I couldn't watch any and slept a lot. I have just finished West Wing Season 3 and cannot recommend it enough to people. Those unfortunate few who know me well are probably fed up with my constant praise for the series, but it really doesn't get any better than this! The writing of Aaron Sorkin on series 1-4 is by far the best scripting on TV ever and it's a travesty he left the series. Speaking of TV, I watched a programme on Sky 1 last night about the greatest TV cars ever and while it threw up a lot of my favourites there was one car noticeably left out. They had the usual, the General Lee, KITT, Magnum's car, the 60's Batmobile and the A team truck. But where was Face's Corvette??? I remember at school the white Vet was the car a lot of people wanted. It was so cool that only Face ever drove it, as opposed to the main A Team truck which the rest of the gang drove when BA was knocked out ('I ain't gettin on no plane fool!'). Shocking. And they also forgot Automan who changed into a car himself! That looked kinda cool.

As for the quote from last week, it was from another classic - Karate Kid 3!! Quality film with the quality lines - 'Mr Miyagi, do you know how to front sweep?' 'Sure Daniel-san, you take a broom like this.....'. Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is great in that role and he's one of the best villains on screen. I want to do a series with Silver and Kreese in Vietnam kicking butt under the Cobra Kai style - 'Party time!'

Onto this weeks quote:

"Both keys at the same time?? Whoah!"

Until next week


Reporting by Gan

Checking this - Gan's G.O.N.Tweet & Track


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