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Mobile Game Faqs prides itself on our unique scoring system. Our team of crack gaming players have spent hours wracking their brains and have come up with a scoring system that is simple, easy to understand and the only one of its kind in the world

...we rate games with


That's right folks, when we sit down and analyse a game we give the game ratings out of 100 based on the game's graphics, sound, ease of control, playability and that all important stat, lastability. We also give an overall rating just so you know how good it is which is usually an average out of the 5 categories. Let me explain:

Graphics - This is where we assess the graphics of the game. How it looks,are the characters well drawn, is there a loading or menu picture. We also assess the amount of colour and the backgrounds and finally the animation of the game.

Sound - Who can guess what we look at in this category? Right you are, we check out the sound here. Is there a tune, isn't there a tune and more importantly, how annoying is the tune? Also general sound effects andvibration are taken into account.

Controls - The age old question, which came first the game or the controls?
Are your thumbs going to be sore with a variety of key presses?
Can you figure out how to fire or open doors?
The ease of controls and the abilityto pick them up is what we look at. After all, phone key pads are not the most ideal controls for games, so can you use the key pad or Directional pad?
Answers on a postcard please.

Playability - to some people the most important statistic. How does the game play? Does it have a lot of features? Is it fun? What can you do in thegame. We look at all these things and more.

Lastability - To me the most important feature.Spending 5 on a phone game is ahefty investment considering the size of the game, and you don't want to go gettingsomething you'llbe tired of in about 10 minutes. In addition to the replay factor the lastability section will comment on the size of the game, time taken to complete and any challenges, objectives or things to unlock. We alsolook at network connectivity and other features like suspending the game and saving your progress. After all you don't want to spend 2 hours playing a game for someone to call you and you having to start from square one do you

And finally we average these 5 stellar categories to give you an overall rating for the game. I say average, but sometimes our reviewers take a bit of artistic license, especially if a game has really piqued their interest.

Average scores

We here at Mobile Game Faqs have stumbled onto an enlightening realisation. Time doesn't stand still. It's progress is inexorable like a mighty river flowing from the smallest estuaries to the most raging oceans and devastates everything in it path. Before I keep waxing lyrical and you all fall asleep, what I'm trying to get at is that our expectations are always changing. As the mobile market progresses we will judge games based on what is out there today and what the current standards are. Therefore a game rated over a year ago will most likely not get the same rating today. Advancements mean that what was once great is now standard and we always judge games to the highest of standards. That being said, our average scores range in the 70-80% category and these games are still worth a look, in fact we'll tell you so.

I mean what other ways would you be able to use to compare games? Funny you should mention that, just keep reading and see.

Pros and Cons

But wait, that's not all! We delve even deeper and also give each game some pros and cons up to a maximum of three each. That way you can compare games with similar percentages and still see which one you'd prefer. These will tell you what's really good and bad about the game and can range from things like if the game is addictive or has lots of levels, to the bad stuff like there is no sound or the controls are really poor. You get a quick overview of what stands out about the game without having to read through the whole review (but come on, I know how you all love to read our reviews). Pros and Cons, does exactly what it says on the tin.


And if that wasn't enough we have one additional bit of info to give our users so they can really make an informed choice. We also give awards to games. When a game particularly stands out in its bracket for one reason or another, we will give it an award. This could be because the game is poor in certain areas, maybe graphics or sound, but has outstanding gameplay. Now if you've read the above you'll realise that a game like this might not get a high average score, but hey, we liked it enough so you should know about it. Hence the awards. We have five award categories depending on how well the game has done in its particular percentage bracket. So if you have a really great game in all areas which also has that certain something to make it brilliant we?ll give it an Ice Cold award (which also looks really cool). The other levels are Gold, Silver, Bronze and the 'you couldn't even pay me to play this game' (which they don't I must add) Wooden Spoon award. For more information on what constitutes and award and which games have won them, see our awards page.

The Truth

When it comes to games, there's something else we need to mention. While we have links with all the major developers we're not here to promote. Plenty of other sites do that well enough (we're not here to name names) and often you don't even get a full review, just a bit of detail from the manufacturer who clearly wants to sell you "the most amazing game ever". We believe in providing an honest opinion no matter how good or bad the game is. If we stayed up all night playing it, we'll tell you. If it was so bad that we sat around and laughed about it, we'll tell you. After all, if everyone played their games and posted their opinions, sooner or later the people making the games will have to sit up and take notice. And that's never a bad thing.


So all that information there should hopefully help you all decide which game is right for you, whether you prefer a cool driving game or a fun puzzle game, we aim to tell it how it is here at Mobile Game Faqs. And once in a while if you could let us know how we're doing, that would be nice too!