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Genre: Movie/TV based, Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 26/6/06

Star Wars: Battle Above Coruscant Review

Developer: THQ Wireless


Game Features


Great music and nice graphics
Plenty of power ups
Mission objectives for each level


Game can be pretty hard!

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 04/7/06

A really slick shoot em up that will really need all your jedi skills to master but great fun nonetheless.

Star Wars: Battle Above Coruscant is a shoot em up which centres on the frantic space battles that are part and parcel of the Star Wars films. You play the part of Anakin before he turns to Vader and you have to battle through several levels in your ship.

Graphically the game is decent. The loading screens and shots between levels are really nice stills as are the ones when you enter your name on the scoreboard. The in game graphics aren't quite as good as other shooters and look a little pixellated. There is a LOT going on to try and give you the sense of a massive space battle. To this end there is lots of laser fire in the background which doesn't affect your ship (I got a little worried first time I played it!) and the pictures of the ships below that you fly over are excellent. The animation is smooth and it feels natural when moving the ship. The enemy ships look great as do the different power ups and shields etc you can get. Nothing overtly spectacular for the in-game graphics but very solid nonetheless.

The sound is really cool. The famous music loads up when you start the game and also is present on the menus. In the game we have the music that made episode 1 famous with the orchestral and operatic theme that was played at the end battle of episode 1. There are no sound effects which is fine as there is too much firing going on, and the tune really does add a sense of atmosphere as it's so good (although polyphonic).

The controls are easy enough, move the ship around using the D or keypad or joystick. You can have the autofire on (press once to get it going) which is probably the easiest option, or if you think you're Anakin himself, you can try the game with autofire off. There is one other key which operates R2 in certain levels to deal with the buzz droids and that's 7. Pretty simple stuff for all you padowans.

The playability is really excellent. It's a standard shoot em up but also has a specific mission on each level. Be warned though, that even when you are playing on normal mode, the game is HARD! I'm no shoot em up expert but I can play a little and I found the levels do get very tricky. The objectives vary, sometimes you have to try and destroy all the ships (and the more you let get away, the more a bar at the top decreases, let too many get away and that's it!) and sometimes you have to destroy a certain number of weapons. The second level, which I found hard until I realised I was playing it on Jedi difficulty, involves you either avoiding or destroying homing missiles as well as the enemy ships. See what I mean? Basic shoot em up concept but add a few unique objectives and the game is so much more playable. Power ups are decent as well as you get twin lasers, shields and some which send out a wave of destruction. One thing a lot of shooters get wrong is the frequency of the power ups, but this is just right with lots of them appearing when you need them. And you will as the levels get tougher with stages as you progress.

The lastability is great as there are two levels. I was having trouble with the normal level when I was playing let alone the extra level which is 'jedi'. I think you will need jedi reflexes to get far in this mode! The game will save your progress at the end of each level so you can start from there again and as the power ups come thick and fast it's not so bad. You have 3 lives but if you die you will continue at the start of the level / stage that you were on. Your scores are entered onto the leaderboard and the stock names are all famous jedi.

Really well put together shooter and if you like the genre and you like Star Wars you should check it out. Although if you try jedi mode, may the force be with you! (sorry, couldn't resist!)