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Genre: Action, Movie/TV based, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 02/8/06

Garfield 2: Royal Adventure Review

Developer: Nostromo


Game Features


Really fun game with humourous attacks as you gain levels and experience
Nice graphics and great sound
Large game following the plot of the film


Enemies and chests reappear when you load up a saved game
Adventure element is a little simple

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 02/8/06

The fat cat is back in this turn and move based adventure!

Garfield 2 is surprisingly the sequel to the Garfield 1 which I must admit, we never played here at Mobile Game Faqs. The film is out in the cinemas and lo and behold, the game is hitting our small screens as well. The mobile version of the game is an adventure based on the plot of the film with several additional scenes not in the movie apparently (as we haven't seen the movie we can't confirm this).

The game takes place with Garfield wandering around his palace with his muttley helper (geddit) and bascially you have to explore and find objects which are used to progress the game (i.e. find the gas supply and turn it on so Garfield can have his beloved lasagna) and deal with any enemies that you come across. The fighting is a turn based fighting system a la Final Fantasy, with you and your enemies having a variety of attacks as well as items to use etc.

Graphically the game is nicely presented with a well rendered opening shot and reasonably detailed overhead view in the game. Garfield has been done well, as have the other creatures you encounter with them retaining a very cartoon like quality that matches the film and the original series. The backgrounds are a little bit more standard 2D adventure game styled but they have some nice colours which match the environment and the detail isn't bad either. The animation is pretty good but this is mainly for the combat events as the attacks that the characters possess can be quite comical. Sound is really good as well with a great little tune when you load the game. During the game there's no sound when you are exploring but there is music and sound effects in the battles. There's a little action tune when you start them and a little victory one when you end. Plus you get sound effects for the different attacks (sometimes no more than a tone but at least it's something) and when you dispose of enemies.

Controls are very simple, use the D or key pad to walk around and the main button or 5 is the select button. During the battle just select the attack you want to use and who you want to use it on! Right shoulder key will bring up your inventory and the left shoulder key pauses the game and also gives a fair few options. You should have no trouble in picking up the controls.

The game itself is a lot of fun to play. I really like final fantasy style games (as I was hooked by the originals) and the comic elements of Garfield 2 definitely add to the enjoyment of the game. As you progress through battles you get experience points and increase in levels which will lead to new attacks that you receive. One nice touch is that the enemies react differently to your attacks so the same attack may take of a whopping amount of damage on one enemy but try it on another enemy and it may actually replenish or increase their health!! So the game becomes more of a learning experience as well as a tactical one because some of the battles have you facing off against four opponents. The plot and adventure part of the game isn't too complicated, finding keys, books etc but the game is quite large which is a bonus so you can find yourself wandering for a while. There are quite a few different locations and the plot ticks along nicely, although if you haven't met the characters before there are a lot of names flying about.

The lastability is good as the game is large and allows you to save progress. There are a few little glitches like when you reload your game, all the enemies you have defeated around the area will appear again, but then so too will the boxes with the items in them. The game also tells you when you have to do certain things as it won't allow you to leave an area if you haven't found what you're supposed to which is good for novices. The plot is enjoyable to follow and Garfield is as sarcastic as ever, and the game makes a very welcome light hearted change from the usual games in this genre.

A great sequel that is fun to play, follows the film faithfully and keeps you entertained the whole way through.