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Genre: Movie/TV based, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 12/8/06

The OC Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Great graphics and sound really capturing the feel of the OC
Four different characters and storylines
Mini games


Loading time can take a while

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 13/8/06

Take a tour of the wonderful world of Atomic County ... err ... Orange County in this great game based on the hit series.

I watch the OC. There, I've said it now. I know it's the new 90210 (and for those of you who remember what I'm talking about, shame on you) but there are beautiful people and it seems to be written by a comic book fan which I once was and suppose still really am.

The OC is basically an updated version of New York Nights which is a Sims style game. So how do you go about making a great game better? That was the challenge for Gameloft and like the class act that they are, they have outdone themselves once again.

Basically what they've done is to introduce mini games and multiple plotlines. I'll get onto that later, but let's get the game basics out of the way first.

The game looks stunning. The graphics are really well done in that all the still pics of the characters are spot on and even in the game, the characters are very recognisable. As are the locations, which are all there, the Cohen's kitchen, the pool house, the bait shop, even the student lounge. Everything seems to have been recreated with a keen attention to detail. The graphics are a marked improvement on NYN and the animation is a lot smoother and really suits the game. Sound is decent as well with the now famous title tune making a polyphonic appearance and vibration when you get messages. There are even tones during the game and action music when playing the mini games.

Controls are very simple, use the D or key pad to move your character around. When you can perform an action, you'll get a little pop up window showing the effect. To interact with a character press the main button or 5 when you are next to them. As for the mini games, they usually involve you either pressing left and right at the correct intervals or down sometimes. Basically the controls are incredibly simple to pick up.

So what makes this game so good? For starters, it's extremely authentic to the OC. This includes humorous quotes from the TV series during the loading screens (which can take a little while and is my main gripe) as well as the characterisation of the comments in the game. the characters look and feel as they should and you get to play as any one of the four main kids. Each of them has a different storyline to follow which is based on the TV show storyline. This gives the game an added sense of realism. Then there's the game itself. Gameloft have done away with just talking to people about subjects, now you have to perform actions to raise your attributes. Raising the attributes that your friends value will increase your friendship levels, as will helping them out when they need it. The mini games are quite fun and there are a number of them. They're not that complicated and usually involve pressing left and right (as in the case of the cooking and driving game) or up and down (in the emoticon game). You do get a little variety as well, with a memory game (really not hard at all) and asteroids is in there!! How cool is that!! The thing with the mini games is that not only are they fun but usually the animation of the characters is also amusing (try dancing or using the punchbag). The game is still basically about raising your atttributes and increasing friendship levels, but now you have mini games to do that. In addition to the objectives you get set you can spend money to change the look of your character and during the game you will have certain appointments to run or errands to perform. They are reminded to you in a timely fashion via your mobile phone vibrating when you get an incoming call and then the event being placed in your diary. Once you've finished the storyline you can continue playing as that character in the OC world and keep increasing your stats and friendship levels, playing the mini games and also buying more clothes.

The game has great lastability too. As I said, there are four different characters (Seth, Ryan, Summer and Marissa) and each has a different storyline. As you are trying to increase friendship, you have to perform different things for different people. The game will save your progress and naturally suspends and resume. What gives the game great lastability is the fact that you can keep playing after the storyline has finished and also you can play the mini games by themselves if you want.

Gameloft have done it again with a really great adaptation of the series. Fun to play, plenty of variety and great graphics and sound, this is what the mobile experience is all about!