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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 15/1/07

Domino Story Review

Developer: FDG


Game Features


Over 50 levels to complete!
Plenty of different types of dominoes!
You really have to use your brain on some levels!


If you drop to an inaccessible level you may have to restart
It can be tricky keeping track of everything
Average sound - no effects

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 15/1/07

Aarrgghh!! Another one of those horribly addictive puzzle games that keep me from seeing friends and family.

I tell you, it's a good thing that I'm single. Well, not according to my father and my aunties, but if I was in a relationship at the moment I probably would have been out of it by now. The reason? This game of course. The thing with Domino Story, which is by those great folk who brought you Bobby Carrot, is that the game is simplicity itself as it uses a concept that everyone is familiar with. Dominoes. Now, everyone knows how dominoes work, so what you do is add a few variables, differerent types of dominoes, rolling barrels and legdes which can only be accessed in a certain way and you have one hell of a puzzle game.

The graphics are very cutesy and there is a funky tune when you are playing. There's an even funkier tune when you complete the game but the music doesn't add a great deal, and as I was playing this 24-7, I played with the music off most of the time. The backgrounds are the same as you progress, however the time of day changes from the morning to sunset so you see some nice colour effects later on. The dominoes themselves are easy to see and are bright yellow. The character you are playing as, is Nails Mamboo, a meerkat (although with that name, he should be in the Star Wars universe) who has found a lost treasure in a temple. The animation is nice and there are some humourous touches when Nails peters over the edge of the ledges, or when he fails in his task. Leave him alone and he'll give you a thumbs up spurring you on, and he has a very strained expression when carrying heavy items.

Controls are very simple, it's basically a one button game. Move around with the pad or stick and press the main button to pick something up. Press it again to put it down or to swap it with something that's already there. To access different ledges you have to use the holes in the ground. Press down to go into one and then use the pad to move to another hole. When you are at the hole you want, press the main button to jump out of it onto that ledge. You can carry items through the holes and place them on other ledges. However, ledges which have no holes means you can't transport the items off the ledge, they have to stay there (although their order can be rearranged if you can access the ledge).

One slight problem with this movement, is that some of the levels are quite big and you can't see everything at once. Therefore if you move around and fall onto a ledge where you can't get off (either by falling onto a ledge below or climbing through a hole), then you have to retry or restart the level. Thankfully, you can save your progress so the layout of the dominoes won't have changed. If you've made a mess, then you can resart the level with the dominoes back in their original positions.

The game is fairly large as you have to complete 50 levels of domino madness. The catch with the levels is that from the first domino you have to use (a yellow checked colour) to the last domino you have to hit (a white checked colour), you have to use ALL the dominoes and objects on the screen. You can't get away with using a few of them so the final domino falls over, you have to puzzle out how to create a sequence so everything is used. And therein lies the difficulty. There are some levels which are incredbily easy but they get tougher and tougher as more objects are introduced. The levels get larger too so you have to pay more attention to the whole layout over many ledges. Apart from the standard dominoes, you have pink ones which bend then bounce back in the opposite direction, therefore reversing the flow of how the dominoes fall. Then there are coloured dominoes which, when they fall, won't knock over the domino next to them, but instead, knock over the domino with the same colour somewhere else on the screen. Then you have barrels which roll, and bombs which blow up the ledge allowing access to the ledge below. Add in the coloured bridges which can be turned on and off from the correspondingly coloured switches and you have a huge amount of permutations. Getting the positioning is also extremely important as if a domino falls onto another or an item, it will break. However, if it falls onto a ledge, then hits an item, the chain will keep going.

You'll see what I mean once you play this simple and incredibly addictive games. Some levels took me up to half an hour to figure out while others took 5-10 minutes. Once you get the hang of things, you'll see that the developers have often helped you by placing many dominoes where they have to be and you have to tinker with only a few. Then there are the occasional levels where everything is in the wrong place and it starts off being very misleading right down to the direction you push the starting domino.

I used to have a domino set when I was a kid but this is much more fun than the real thing. If you like quality puzzle games, you'll love this one.

BTW, I just completed all 50 levels and am now even more frustrated!!