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Heroes The Official Mobile Game mobile game review by Mobile Game Faqs

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Genre: Action, Movie/TV based :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/10/07

Heroes The Official Mobile Game Review

Publisher: Gameloft :: Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Three heroes for the price of one


Too easy
Individual levels too short

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 1.5 hours
Game Progress Complete

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 24/10/07

The inevitable game of the sci-fi series.

It had to happen, Heroes was always going to be made into a game but can Gameloft create a decent game based around the multiple characters? Rather than try and include the dozen or so heroes from the first series, the game focuses on Niki, Hiro and Peter.

As with the TV show, the game bears similarities to other super hero games such as X-Men and Fantastic Four. Each level centres around a particular character and captures various parts of the first series (including the ending) - beware of a few spoilers if you are still watching the first run on BBC2. The Niki levels are basically beat 'em ups in the style of Final Fight and are great fun to play. Moving around the screen is easy and just press 5/action to execute punches and kicks. The animation of the fights are cool and there are also good avatars during the loading screens. Each of your characters has a red health bar and a blue hero bar. Collect blue icons to fill your bar and then press the button to unleash your heroic ability - in Nikki's case, every person on the screen will be disposed in slow motion. While you are at it pick up the occasional slot machine and throw that at the enemy for a bit more carnage.

Hiro's levels revolve around his quest for the sword and require a little bit of stealth as he sneaks past the museum's security system. The game makes full use of his time stopping abilities as you meander through a maze of sweeping lasers and guards.

The levels involving Peter are slightly more varied and a bit of fighting and fast paced flying is called for in order to defeat Sylar.

There are 12 chapters in all and you are free to replay any of the unlocked levels. However, the difficulty and length of the chapters fall below par for anything other than a branded game. Attempting to cover all the characters in a humble mobile game would have been impossible. Gameloft have concentrated on a small set but the thin interweaving plotline between levels struggles to mirror the complexity of a 23 episode series.

Heroes is more than a basic collection of mini games but sci-fi fans are a notorious bunch to please and this fan still wants a little more.