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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 25/10/07

The Musketeers Review

Publisher: In-Fusio :: Developer: In-Fusio


Game Features


2 types of level, riding and platform
Duel system


Jump detection is a bit dodgy
Levels can be a bit too easy

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Level 8

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 14/11/07

One for all and all for one.

Alexandre Dumas wrote a brilliant story. Full of intrigue, honour, compassion and swashbuckling action. This latest offering from In-Fusio manages to capture one of those four attributes, and no suprises for guessing it's the latter one.

You play the role of D'artagnan, fearless aide to the King and Queen as you try and help the Musketeers and thwart the evil Cardinal Richelieu. We all know the story, (and if you don't you should treat yourselves to either the film versions or the classic animated Dogtanian which is pretty true to the novel).

The game is an action game that has two types of action. Either you are wandering around duelling people and collecting things or you're riding your horse. The first level is a horse riding level and you have three things to contend with. You have to duck branches, leap over outcroppings and best swordsman on horseback. This is a lot easier done than said. To avoid the obstacles you just press up or down. On the swordfight, all you have to do is press the main button to attack your opponent, then duck to avoid his shot then attack again and repeat. Once I figured this out (admittedly it took a little bit longer than it should have) it was easy to progress through all the riding levels.

The reason it took me a little while longer is that the graphics are a little small so while you get lots of colour and decent background, the character sprites are small enough so that you can't really see a whole lot of detail in what they're doing. This is a shame, as on some of the swordfights which take place while standing, the blocks and retaliations are quite nicely done.

The sound is fairly average but it's the controls I have a little gripe with. Ok, they are ridiculously easy on the horseback levels, and let's get the other good stuff out of the way first. You can duel against swordsmen which involves you blocking their thrust then countering with one of your own. The block involves you pressing the direction of the little arrow which indicates what height the attack will be. As there aren't any 8 way joysticks, you will have to use the keypad and therefore the keys are a little bit too close together for the speed required sometimes. Still, it's not too hard, and as I said the animation of the blocks and attacks are quite nice.

The big problem I had with this game is in the jumping. In between the horse riding levels, you have some standard platform levels where you have to move around and collect things, as well as open doors, pull levers and pick up keys. You can press 1 and 3 to perform diagonal jumps, but the impact detection is such that the jump has to be absolutely perfect for you to grab a hold of the ledge. Too close or too far a starting position and you'll miss altogether and you can't even drop down and hang from a ledge once you move to the edge.

This was quite annoying on several levels and while the platform aspect was ok, the fact that I had to keep starting again to time the jumps perfectly did detract from the gameplay.

The game saves progress and the plot follows the novel (although starts about half way in). To date I have only conversed with the Musketeers in the cut scenes between the levels (nothing of note) and haven't encountered them during gameplay. Therefore the title may be a slight misnomer.

BTW I have no idea what the information in the top left and top right corners mean.

This is not a bad game by any means, but it could have been a whole lot better.