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Genre: 3D, Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 29/10/07

Juiced 2 Review

Publisher: THQ Wireless :: Developer: Universomo


Game Features


60 levels
Good sound


Controls could have more finger friendly

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Arcade mode complete

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 29/10/07

THQ squeezes another drop from street drift racing.

2007 has seen an evolution in driving games as they have moved from the simple 2D overhead view to glorious 3D. Juiced 2 is one of the first 3D driving games that has dropped the '3D' tag at the end. 3D racing on your mobile is now and 2D racing is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Naturally, the 3D graphics are up to scratch. The details of the cars and the tracks are good. There is the occasional blending when two cars meet at the same corner but there is no real lag or notable glitches. The surrounding graphics are a little bland and the developers have obviously been holding a few things back to maintain game speed and low memory usage. The races are coincidentally set at night so the black backgrounds and low level of external detail fit into the whole plot - that's lucky!

Aside from that, Juiced 2 is a true racing game and I am struggling to think of a technically more challenging and enjoyable high speed racing game. Juiced 2 has a similar game structure to Project Gotham Racing and is set across three countries each with 4 tracks. Apart from the occasional London Underground sign, there is very little to choose between the tracks of Tokyo, San Francisco and London. This is not a huge issue as you will be too focussed on caressing your car around the tricky corners to care. The cars are fairly easy to control and come fully equipped with auto acceleration, corner drifting and the ubiquitous nitrous. 5 activates the nitrous and 8 activates the brakes; it is not that difficult to hit the wrong button and accidentally speed into the wall!

Arcade mode is split into a number of various challenges including time trials and standard races against CPU opponents. You start the game with a humble hatchback and providing you win enough races, you will graduate through to the very fast supercar. Upgrades and customisation are all par for the course in today's racing games and Juiced 2 doesn't fail to deliver. There are four vehicles to win and thanks to the relay challenge you get a chance to race all your cars in a single tournament. In the relay, you have to race one lap against the computer opponents with each of your cars in turn. The cumulative times are calculated to find the overall winner. It's a cool idea and makes sure that you don't forget about upgrading your hatchback (especially as your hatchback can be up against an opponent's supercar).

The solo levels in Juiced 2 are pretty straight forward, however, the beauty of the game is in the flat out races against the computer. The AI is beautifully pitched throughout the game and mistakes must be kept to a minimum. The arcade mode has about 60 or so levels and this alone will take many hours to complete. Decent graphics, good controls, excellent gameplay and a catchy techno tune make for a great sequel.