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Genre: Football, Sim :: Players: 1 :: Released: 01/11/07

Real Football Manager Edition Review

Publisher: Gameloft :: Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Fully customised
Very detailed options


Long loading times
No dream team

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 3 hours

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 06/11/07

Gameloft's first footie management game

Gameloft are expanding at an incredible rate and branching out into all kinds of new games. Football manager games have been around for ages but the Gameloft powerhouse has now joined in the fun. The Real Football series has always done well as a football playing sim so I guess the time is right to take this forward and create it's own management add on. In a time before Pro Evo Soccer went mobile, Real Football was consistently compared to the Konami classic. Pro Evo is now available on mobile albeit without the Master League. Is this Gameloft's attempt at giving Pro Evo fans what they really want?

Real Football Manager (RFM) is huge and fully licensed with 200 clubs and 4000 players (each with their own stats) from the major European divisions for 2007/2008. The level of detail throughout the game is mind-blowing. At your disposal are scouts, training coaches and advanced tactical options. You can create your own formations and instruct individual players to create a truly unique team. Changing the settings so that Steven Gerrard will chase his man down and go for his trademark long shots are easy once you become accustomed to the game layout. There are countless options, features and stats that you can mull over if you really wanted. The advanced training tactics allow you to specify training sessions on a week by week basis; hire training coaches for specialised training sessions. Scouts can be hired and directed to search for specific players according to age or position. There is not much that you cannot do in this game apart from play the actual game.

Even during the match, there is plenty for you to do. Overall offensive/defensive tactics can be easily instigated by pushing up/down on the Dpad. Some of the more advanced team and player tactics can also be tinkered during the game and obviously substitutions can be made. There are three views to choose from during the match. The first resembles the original Real Football isometric view and it is from here that you can change the overall tactics and also the game speed. The other views are a statistically breakdown and the ubiquitous management overhead view with lots of dots whizzing around the screen. No matter which view you choose, the game will switch to the 3D view at normal speed whenever a goal is about to be scored (usually a couple of passes before). It's a great feature when you see that it is your team in control and you know the inevitable is going to happen. It is not so great when you see the ball in the opponent's possession and there is nothing you can do except watch your goalie pick the ball out the back of the net. Goal celebrations and even a replay have been included for completeness. The overall graphics are decent enough and clearly have the Gameloft/Real Football stamp and they have done extremely well to jazz up a text heavy strategic game and make management games fun (nothing to do with my 10 game unbeaten run).

The depth of Real Football Manager is actually the only negative aspect to the game. Having played this for about 3 hours I am top of the Premiership with 10 wins, halfway through the Champions League and through to the next round of the FA Cup. According to the in-game calendar it's only November and I've got to wait until January before the transfer window re-opens. Completing an entire season and discovering how great a manager you were, along with top scorer/assist and MVP, will take 10-15 hours at least! That's a long time in the world of mobile just to complete a single season. An option to allow you to skip to the end of each game or half is sorely missing. Don't expect a quick fix of footie management but prepare yourself for a long and detailed campaign.