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Genre: Action, Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 01/11/07

The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

Publisher: Disney, Living Mobile :: Developer: Living Mobile


Game Features


Lots of levels


No undo

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 Hours

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 05/11/07

Looks like we turned our clocks back a bit too far.

There is a reason for releasing a game based on a 14 year old film. October 2007 sees the DVD film re-launch in 3D and what better way to introduce the kids of today to the classics of yesterday than with a mobile game. The original film has a very distinctive animation and feel. While the mobile game is not a 3D revival, it has managed to admirably recreate the original style. The graphics and movement of lanky Jack look good and the music has a very Tim Burton perverse Christmassy sound.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (TNBC) game is actually a puzzle game of the box moving variety. As Jack, you have to collect all the presents and put them in your sack to complete each level. There are a few ghosts and witches that get your way and as always in these games, careful planning and a fair few attempts are required. We're not sure exactly how many levels there are (we're on level 6-1 and that's only about 15% complete) so the game is big but will you be bothered to play all the way through? Living Mobile obviously thinks you will; some of the stars of the film do not make an appearance until quite a few levels have been completed. Zero The Dog only comes in after at least one hour of puzzle solving madness. Zero gives you the opportunity to stun the skeletons from afar and helps make the game a little more bearable. It is worth persevering just to see more features gradually being introduced.

The game can be difficult in places and it's not unusual to find yourself in an impossible position which can only be rescued via a restart (in-game thankfully). Each level has a target number of steps and time limit to aim for as well as recording your personal best efforts. There is replay value here if you are a true Scrooge this winter and buy only one game.

The controls should be easy, all it requires is the Dpad for movement and a couple of others to operate switches and throw things. Being an over sensitive mobile, you do need to be a little delicate with the button presses. It is easy to get carried away and move one square too far and the only way back is the inevitable restart.

If Boxworld and the like are your cup of tea, then The Nightmare Before Christmas should suit you nicely. Even if you bought this for Halloween you will probably still be playing it by the time Christmas finally arrives.