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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 12/5/08

The Club Review

Publisher: Sega :: Developer: Sega


Game Features


Plenty of gun blasting action
Nice sound


Average graphics
Game can get a bit repetitive

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Venice Level 8

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 12/5/08

You can find me in the clurb, bottle full of burd, mamma I got what you need....

Ok, so this game isn't a live action version of 50 cents smash hit tune from a few years back. What it is though, is an action game where you play the latest sport to take mankind by storm, unarmed and untamed combat. It's basically the Running man meets Escape from New York and while the main protagonist you contol never has a name, he has a bald head and demeanour that would have made Stone Cold Steve Austin scared and run the opposite way.

The game is nowhere near as complex as the console version, although from what I hear that wasn't that complex either. In this game instead of running around in FPS mode shooting things, you essentially have to turn left or right.

Yes, that's not a typo. The objective of killing and destroying everything on the screen is hugely simplified through gameplay which involves the character moving as if they are on autoaccelerate. Like a driving game you just have to handle the turns. Pressing left and right will rotate your sighting target which are three arcs denoting where your autofire will be headed. So if you see a guy next to you, press left to get the targeting arcs on him and let the autofire do the rest.

Of course, even though the game sounds incredibly simple, it's still quite tough to play. Enemies come from all over the screen, so unless you know where they will be appearing from, you will have to have pretty quick reflexes. They don't all take one shot either, some take 2 or even 3. And then there are the snipers who you should reall take out quickly before your health starts to really drop.

The game is not just about shooting. There's a points system, and the more you continuously hit things, the more points you get. Kinda like a chain reaction, but there's a timer counting down which reduces your score unless you hit something else and replenish the timer. Ok, so I guess the game is really just about shooting things.

And shoot things you must, because in addition to the multiple baddies, you can destroy boxes to get power ups, health ups and different types of bullets. These all help you in your quest to get to the end of the mission. At the end you get a score which you can either bank some of or all of. The amount you don't bank is effectively bet on the next level and if you get through it, you double your score. So there are elements of the Weakest Link in here too.

The levels aren't that easy either, so it's wise to not risk it all. For most levels it took me a few goes to realise where people were coming from before I could finish the level. There are also options to take different routes but you have to be quick, because when the sign comes on the screen, you've got a short space of time to press the left shoulder button. These additional routes may not always be the best option but they are loaded with power ups.

The graphics are quite bog standard 2D with an overhead view. They actually made me think of the old Commodore games like Renegade. Certainly room for improvement. Sound is much better with a funky tune on loading and some pretty cool speech effects in game. I loved hearing the main character say "Just another day at the office!"

Once levels are completed you can replay your route to see where you went wrong or plan for a replay of the level if you like. Personally I never saw the point so I kept ignoring the replays and moving onto the next level.

The club is addictive in a strange sort of way. The levels require you to play them a few times and then think about your shooting. You've got to be pretty quick with the left and rights too. However, it lacks a certain amount of polish and after a while it can get repetitive. Actually this review sounds a lot like the console version!!