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Genre: Pool/Snooker, Sports :: Players: 1 ::

Steve Davis Snooker Review

Developer: Iomo


Game Features


Really accurate snooker sim
Trick shot and free play mode
Romford Slim is in it!!


The sound is just sound effects
The aiming takes a little time to respond
You have to press a button even when your opponent is playing

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 23/6/04

Great graphics and very addictive gameplay, Steve Davis snooker is a perfect snooker sim for your phone. There are several modes, easy to master controls and if you're good enough you even get to play against Romford Slim himself!! This is ideal for long trips, the train or even just to play for the sake of playing it! If you love snooker, you have to get this game.

Hands up who remembers Dennis Taylor frantically pumping his cue as he won the world championship? Anyone? It was a great moment for all who remember (and in case you're wondering the reason he has glasses like that is so he can see the balls and the table - I wear glasses so I know this all too well, you're half blind with normal ones!) and embodies what snooker is about. Well, now you too can whoop and pump your fist in the air as you sink a great shot while you're on the train, in a meeting or just at home by yourself (if so, you need to get out more!).Steve Davis snooker takes the best elements from the game and delivers a simple and addictive snooker sim for your phone. It's a bit reminiscent of Jimmy White's whirlwind snooker on the ST or Amiga and the gameplay is very well put together. There are three modes which are playing a game, trickshots (great fun!) and also a free table for people who just want to practice.The graphics are really good, the playing surface is about 2/3 of the screen and the last third is the controls. The balls are a little on the small side but look good and the images of steve himself are very well done.The sound is not bad with some nice resounding sounds when you pot balls, but what's letting the sound down is firstly any kind of tune at all (although that may have cheapened the game) and also being able to hear the comments of Romford Slim, although that may have required too much memory.The gameplay is very very easy and addictive. There are several modes and rankings to unlock. When you begin you can only challenge amateur and semi pro players to gain points to increase your rankings. This will unlock more difficult opponnents until you get to finally play against Steve himself!! The same options apply for the trickshots which are great fun but very frustrating. One drawback on the gameplay however, is that the games do take a while, even the one frame ones and you can't skip through your opponents shots and even have to press a button when they are selecting a colour!! That said, it's a really good snooker sim and you can actually play quite well. You can hit the white ball anywhere so you can pull off backspin, side and the like. And the power bar is a nice little cue which goes back and forth. No rests or spiders though, but Mr Interesting does make comments now and then especially if you mess up your shot!The controls are very easy to pick up and you use the buttons or directional pad to angle your shot. A nice little touch is the direction you are hitting and the direction that the ball you hit will go both show up and so it's pretty easy to pull off some nice shots or reasonable breaks. The only drawback here is that that the direction sometimes seems to be slow to respond and although the fine tuning of angles is there, you don't notice it always as the table is not huge. That said, you can do anything you want to the white ball (although I don't think you can jump it) and hit it anywhere with any power. Very simple to pick upp.The lastability of this game is where it really shines. With three modes (including a free table!), players to unlock, the fun of playing against the CPU or just another mate in a long car journey, make this a very very long lasting game and probably one you'll want to keep in your phone for good.I grew up around the same area that produced two great champions in this sport, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Steve Davis, so while I am not that good, I know my snooker, and this games wins the title hands down. A perfect addition for your phone.