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Genre: Management, Sexy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 31/8/08

Sexy Party People Review

Developer: Twistbox


Game Features


3 difficulty settings
60 levels


Final mistake and game over

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Finished 60 levels on easy and on level 12 of medium

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 31/8/08

A strangely addictive little game.

The thing with reviewing all the "sexy" games is at their heart there should be a solid puzzle element to back them up. Otherwise they will be no fun playing and even the pics won't sate your interest. Sexy Party People opens with a shot of a woman holding her breasts on the title page. This is about as sexy as it gets, but don't worry, the game itself is not bad.

The premise is rather simple, you have coloured cards with people's faces on them. You have to lay the cards down to their edges are lined up with corresponding colours. So if a card is half blue (blue at the top and left) and half red (red at the bottom and right), then you could lay it next to a card which had blue on the bottom and right or red on the top and left. You get my drift?

Matching the cards isn't always as easy as you think, and so to make the game not totally impossible you can get up to 3 joker cards, which, as you might guess, can be matched to anything. Aside from the joker cards, you can shuffle the pack 3 times to change the 3 face cards you have to lay (geddit).

So essentially as you can gather it's a sligthly complicated but ultimately simple card game. And I love card games. Admittedly the easy setting is quite easy, and once you realise that there are no lives, fail a level and it's game over, then you start to think about your moves more. What I failed to mention earlier is that the area you lay your cards on changes (with the introduction of pillows to mark boundaries) from congested playing areas to open spaced ones (harder as you have to match more).

Every 10 levels you will be rewarded with a sexy picture. And if you manage to finish all 60 levels you unlock the next difficulty setting. Some of the game is down to the luck of the cards and the draw you get, but you'll find that certain colours tend to appear more than others. Red for instance appears a lot, and there are many instances of all red cards appearing, making the matching quite easy. It's gets more difficult on the different settings as on medium instead of a card having 2 colours on its edges, it can now have 3. And I guess on hard it will have up to 4.

What isn't evident from the start is that you can rearrange cards already placed on the playing area. So if you're left with one space that the face cards can't fill, you can rearrange the cards on the playing area so that maybe the face cards will now have the colour you need. When you do place cards next to one another the picture changes from bland expressions to happy ones. If you get 3 in a row or put them on special squares you can get more points and the happy faces turn into blushing ones. However, place the wrong colours next to each other and the faces will be quite unhappy.

This is a nice little touch and allows you to see quickly which cards have been incorrectly placed instead of scanning the whole playing area. If you place your final card and there is one inccorect colour match, it's game over and you start from the beginning again. The game does save your progress so you can resume at a later stage. Also, a little tip, if you are going to mess up a level, end the game (using suspend / resume) and you can load it up again from where you last saved.

After a while I ignored the objective of getting all the sexy pictures and just wanted to finish the game. It's strangely addictive and does get weird looks from people on the train. It's reasonably colourful with average sound, but a nice and quick little break if you need it from whatever you're doing.

Worth a look if you're really bored.